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Rhythm-action meets racing in online game with "billions" of fans in China and Korea.

R2Beat is an online rhythm-action game that lets players inhale a breeze of rhythm and thrills of an intensive race. R2beat is a successful blend of rhythm genre and racing genre into one single game, having billions of fans in China and Korea. SEED9 Games Inc., the creator of R2Beat now has its sight set on the North American market.

R2Beat lets the rhythm breeze into you!

What sets R2Beat apart from other rhythm-action games is that it incorporates racing into gameplay. In most rhythm-action games, players wait until notes approach the “hit” line and hit the buttons in time – they were about “waiting.” On the other hand, R2Beat is about running forward – characters in the game race towards the finish line on a pair of inline skates and run into notes that appear on the screen to keep the music going and score points.

This conceptual change in gameplay has brought about a new dimension of fun for the users. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that gameplay is difficult or complex. Just like the traditional rhythm-action games, users simply press the buttons in time with the notes to enjoy both the beat of the music and thrill of the race.

Well-rounded gameplay

Even with the racing element in gameplay, R2Beat stays true to its root – the rhythm-action genre. While other online rhythm-action games are all about communities, R2Beat is all about having the player enjoy the beat of the music which gives the player a feeling of actually playing the music. R2Beat also has a battle mode in which up to 6 users can enjoy online competition.

R2Beat has 2 main game modes – speed mode and item mode.  Speed mode requires players to rely solely on their racing skills without any interference from other players. To win in speed mode, users must utilize combos and the booster effectively.

While racing skills are still a main advantage in the item mode, users may find luck when using the items that appear. A variety of items, some which hinder opponents’ gameplay and some which give the player an advantage, must be utilized wisely in order to win the game. Players and onlookers will be sure to be amused by an even more higher level of competition that  items bringing into a race and makes players to expect unexpected.

Ongoing upgrades for stronger user appeal

While R2Beat had a huge success  providing players with endless hours of fun, the nature of its gameplay made it impossible for the players to take their hands off the controls during their gameplay. The newly developed The Dance Mode, although it is yet to be updated in global version, will take care of players with tired fingers and provides more interactive time with other player.

The Dance Mode is a less-intense game mode emphasizing more on social factors of online game. In the dance mode, players control their characters to perform tricky moves on stage, instead of having a competitive race. Control is improved to be  even easier with mouse.

Another attractive feature of R2Beat is that users can display their play records on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where they can also invite other users. The developer of R2Beat is also looking into enabling user account connection on a variety of platforms including smart phones.

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