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R-Type Dimensions

Get 33% off it courtesy of XBLA's Deal of the Week.

Tuesday, AUGUST 4th


Bellevue, Washington--Tozai Games announced today the Deal of the Week promotion on Xbox LIVE for its highly-praised Xbox LIVE Arcade title, R-Type Dimensions. The Deal of the Week promotion for Gold members highlights one exceptional title in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and is given a reduced price point for one entire week. Xbox LIVE members will be able to find Deal of the Week notices for R-Type Dimensions on the Xbox 360's dashboard, in the Xbox.com newsletter and in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace at Xbox.com.

"We're very excited about the value message this sends to the Xbox community," said Sheila Boughten, President of Tozai Games. "For only 800 Microsoft Points, Xbox LIVE Gold members will get both R-Type and R-Type II, which together make up the R-Type Dimensions title for Xbox LIVE Arcade."

Tozai Games and developer SouthEnd Interactive updated the two classic space shooter titles with two sets of graphics--both the original graphic set and a new, Hi-Res 3-D set with dynamic lighting--which can be switched back and forth on the fly.

"We also addressed the original game's incredible level of challenge," noted the game's designer, Brett Ballow of Tozai Games. "We decided to create Infinite mode, which gives players an infinite number of lives so that they can experience the entire game from beginning to end."

R-Type Dimensions was released in February of this year and garnered praise from most reviewers. Ryan Geddes of IGN.com wrote: "R-Type Dimensions is a collaboration among publisher Tozai Inc., ... and Swedish developer SouthEnd [Interactive] for XBLA. And the team put a ton of effort into delivering the definitive downloadable R-Type collection." And IGN named R-Type Dimensions to its Top 10 list of Xbox LIVE Arcade games from the past 12 months.

R-Type Dimensions supports both single-player and two-player co-op missions, making it perfect for Xbox LIVE Gold members looking for an exceptional online co-op challenge.

Further information and a collection of review links can be found online at http://www.tozaigames.com/ under the R-Type Dimensions tab. Members of the media wanting to inquire about interview opportunities or other materials from Tozai Games may do so by e-mailing their requests to:

media@tozaigames.com or scott@scottpelland.com

or by Phone (425) 748-5164 or Fax (425) 644-2185

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