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BBC Micro/Amiga/GBA/PC platformer still going strong 20 years on.

Game: Qwak.

Format: PC.

Price: £12.99.

Publisher: Self Published.

Qwak is almost 20 years old now; in fact, it probably is 20 years ago I started development of this game on the good ole BBC micro (most of you young whipper-snappers won't remember those days) ...

Scince then, Qwak has made an appearance on the Amiga (published by the excellent Team 17), the Gameboy Advance, and now on the PC (both these later versions being self-published by the developer of the game, that's me).

little more history on the game here:

It's been a complete joy to make this game. I love playing it myself, and it certainly has its fans; but does it still cut the mustard? Is it still a fun game?

I have no idea, honestly. Games do seem quite sophisticated these days, and Qwak is pretty simple stuff.

I guess it can be hard to compete these days, when you're just a lone indie developer guy, doing absolutely everything on the project yourself (design, coding, art, bla bla bla), and you're up against modern game dev studios.

Anyhoo, check it out for yourself here:

There's a demo you can download, but if you can give me any kind of coverage or review, I am more than happy to send you a full version copy of the game on request.

Jamie Woodhouse.

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