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Quiz Challenge

GPS-based gaming added by mobile games developer.

February 26th 2011 (Munich - Madrid – London)

This mobile HTML5 feature is available for all Phones which do have GPS on board. Once a game is started it will show the feature: Turn on Location Battle. The player just has to choose the location, check in and join the game.

The first mobile browser game which has implemented this social feature is the - itsmy Quiz Challenge - a friend battle game where you have to know everything about your Facebook® friends. Your speed at the location counts in all of the 36 games in 4 levels. Check in: 

Jukka Saarelainen, CTO of itsmy: “Location is a new social layer which makes mobile gaming more fun. Instead of having one highscore in a game you now can have hundreds of them all over your favourite places.”

“With this social API itsmy will bring a new level of interaction to the gamers which gives everyone a mission related to the place they are just visiting, the restaurant they are waiting for their lunch.” says Sabine Irrgang, COO itsmy.

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