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Qube Software pursues Indian developers

Hopes to provide its game engine to the emerging market as Sony pushes the PS2

Qube Software has presented its game engine Q to the Indian games industry, as Sony continues to push the PlayStation 2 in the subcontinent.

Q is designed for the latest consoles and PCs, but can scale down to work on PS2, and Qube believes this makes it ideal for Indian developers as the console becomes an increasingly popular in the region due to price cuts.

"Right now the platform that’s creating the excitement in India is the PS2 because of the gaming experience it delivers for a very competitive price," said Qube CEO Servan Keondjian. "But Indian studios are looking ahead."

"They love the fact that Q can push the PS3 to the max yet also run on the PS2, so as the market moves towards more advanced machines they can simply port all their work across."

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