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"Immersive Individual Interaction" games from the splendidly named Pub Company.

A new generation of video games called “iii™” (Immersive Individual Interaction™) is born: from the revolution in classic Tetris to the first video game with “mental control” ready in Winter on Nintendo Wii™

The seventh video game era began in 2005 with the launch of the Xbox360® followed soon after by the PlayStation® 3. Now, thanks to the innovative game concept presented by Pub Company®, we can thus consider another step towards a new era. We are talking about the “3i™” or “iii™” (Immersive Individual Interaction™) generation in which interaction is absolutely original (the players define the interaction with the game and not vice versa through body or mental control) and “immersive” (the type of interaction is not “player’s finger – joystick button” but participation and sensorial, physical and mental immersion of the player).

At times the best ideas come from simple observation of the phenomena that have made history in gaming entertainment. At other times, they come from concepts that are miles away from standard market rules, such as the use of “mind power”. However, the common denominator is that which has astonished us in science-fiction films. This basis is the starting point for the new 3i™ paradigm and the original creations of Pub Company®, an Italian company that has developed and brought under a new game limelight two fantastic products that stem from different concepts that have a common goal: to entertain.

The first product, Wii Qube™, reinvents and revolutionizes the classic game Tetris: thanks to an innovative concept control, you can manipulate the classic Tetris blocks in 3D. In one mode you can even “enter into” the game in first person, interacting with the blocks by moving your own body. It was not by chance that Pub Company® chose Tetris to create, starting from its mechanics, something that is truly innovative but at the same time familiar.

The second is Wii Relax™, which is comprised of two products Relax Mind™ e Relax Body™, games which mix mental control for psycho-physical relaxation training, body movement and which foresee a series of activities that contribute to physical and mental well-being thanks to the implementation of techniques such as Yoga, Thai Chi, Qi-Gong, progressive relaxation, mental visualization, massage, meditation and breathing techniques.

The experience related to mental control is absolutely unbeatable: the player has the chance to monitor his/her stress level in real time using his brain waves thanks to the 3i Mind Controller ™ headset included, and works towards improving this level by relaxing. In addition to the training activities the 3i Mind Controller™ is used, by a single player or together with others, to play games operated by one’s own mental input in which you win not by competing more furiously or by having the fastest reflexes but by using exclusively your mind’s own powers for game movements.

Both products have been designed with a wide and varied target audience in mind.

Description: Wii Qube™ - a 3i™ game inspired by the all-time classic Tetris that everyone will love, thanks to the innovative game controls that combine with the superb game mechanics, allowing the game to push the player inside the game itself!

Developer: www.pubcompany.com

Web Site: www.wiiqube.com

Genre: 3i™

Age Group: for everyone

Available: 8/2009

Description: Wii Relax™ (Relax Mind™ and Relax Body™) a part of a new and exciting 3i™ mental control game that combines both entertainment and relaxation elements. “Mind” will teach you to relax your mental state whilst “Body” will help you to relax your body and alleviate stress. Forget about Yoga lessons and expensive massages: you’ll be able to have a real Zen experience in your own living room.

Developer: www.pubcompany.com

Web Site: www.wiirelax.com

Genre: 3i™

Age Group: for everyone

Available: 11/2009


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