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Quazal has a Rendez-Vous with JoWooD

European publisher chooses Quazal’s lobby technology for three upcoming games

Montreal, Quebec (October 5th, 2005) - Quazal, makers of the Net-Z and Rendez-Vous online multiplayer middleware, and JoWooD Productions Software AG, a publisher of interactive games for home consoles and home computers announce today that JoWooD has chosen Quazal's Rendez-Vous technology as the basis for three of their upcoming online games, SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars, The Guild 2 and Panzer Elite Action.

These titles are due for release in early 2006, and are in development at Phenomic Game Development, 4Head Studios and Wizarbox, respectively.

"JoWooD's renewed commitment for three additional titles demonstrates their level of satisfaction on Quazal technologies. This decision comes after a thorough evaluation and positive feedback by Phenomic on Rendez-Vous,"said Jean Lachance, VP of Sales at Quazal. "We are excited to work with them on these titles, and looking forward to many more in the future."

Integration of Quazal's Rendez-Vous technology into these games will allow the developers to implement all of their feature wish lists, which may have been far more difficult, if not impossible, using a less flexible lobby and matchmaking system.

"The Rendez-Vous service has been very easy to use, with a lot of power given to us, the developers," stated Olivier Martin of Wizarbox. "We could get started quickly, manage the development servers as we wished, and implement the features we need for our game."

From the publishing side, the lower risk of using a proven system such as Rendez-Vous, as well as the strong developer support which goes hand in hand with the flexible technology is an even more important boon.

"As a publisher, we care about three things. Does the tech work, does it let us deliver our game on time, and is it affordable within our budget," added Michael Paeck of JoWooD. "Working with Quazal has allowed us to address each of these issues clearly, making our lobby development cycle much easier."

Look for these titles to hit stores early in 2006, from JoWooD. Developers interested in Quazal's technology can visit for more details, or e-mail

About Quazal

Quazal is the leading supplier of multiplayer middleware with a community of over 150 network programmers using its products to propel the next generation of multiplayer games. Quazal revolutionized network programming by rendering obsolete the traditional packet/socket paradigm. Programmers now have access to network-aware C++ objects that automatically synchronize themselves across any possible topology: client/server, peer-to-peer or hybrid. Numerous features such as data extrapolation, integration kits with other middleware and a wide array of debugging tools makes Quazal's product a boon for any online game development project. Quazal's products are currently available for PlayStation® 2, Xbox®, Windows®, Pocket PC, and Linux. For more information and demonstrations visit

About JoWooD Productions Software AG

Shares of the JoWooD Productions Software AG are traded at the vienna stock exchange, JoWooD is one of the leading publishers of computer- and videogames. JoWooD developes and publishes state-of-the-art entertainment software for all major existing and coming systems. JoWooD`s games are distributed in all territories by a worldwide net of distribution partners. Please visit the homepage for further information.

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