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QTOUR Championship 2008

Christian "stagep" Stage triumphs in Denmark.

Stockholm October 20, 2008 for immediate release

Last weekend between 16-19 October WCG QTOUR Championship, the most prestigious 1on1 aim tournament in the world, was on location at SLAP LIVE #16, Ballerup Arena in Denmark to crown the Danish 1on1 Champion of Counter strike 1.6. Some of the best players in the world attended in the tournament. From the start 25 of Denmark’s elite players were invited and out of them 14 players confirmed their participation. Two players qualified on location.

Stagep came all the way from qualifier and won against the elite!

He was the player with highest odds on betting sites and no one talked about him as a winner. But here we go again; In 2006 we had ‘luddeluff’ coming all the way from the qualifier and chocked the world when he defeated ‘spawn’. This years sensation, doing a ‘luddeluff’, is Christian ‘stagep’ Stage defeating Martin ‘trace’ Heldt in the final by the score of 30-28.

QTOUR Championship DK 2008 prize purse:

1000 euro

Samsung Soul mobile phone

Sennheiser PC 151 usb

Logitech Keyboard G15

Logitech mouse mx518

Logitech Cinema Sound system



Congratulations to Christian ‘stagep’ Stage, the new Danish Champion in 2008!


stageps way to the final

vs. zitic - 15-11

vs. aniz - 15-7

vs sunde - 15-5

traces väg till finalen

vs. soga - 15-5

vs. zonic - 15-5

vs. FaagaN - 15-12

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