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QPAD HeatoN gaming mouse pad

"The biggest hard top gaming mouse pad in the world" launched at Dreamhack.

Stockholm June 17, 2009 for immediate release

QPAD, the Swedish company famed for its premium gaming gear, today announced the launch of HeatoN’s first gaming product. "The perfect mouse pad". The product was released during Dreamhack last weekend.

Release at dreamhack

The product release took place at Dreamhack in front of an exited crowd waiting to get a glimpse of their biggest idol and the new product. After a short interview the product was introduced followed up by autograph signing and a chance for the crowd to try out the product on stage. Emil also picked one from the crowed that got his own signed "HeatoN mouse pad. To top it of everybody in the big hall at Dreamhack (5000 people) joined in to sing happy birthday to Emil on his 25th birthday.

"I have always wanted a hard top pad with the perfect glide and big enough so I would never have to drag the mouse outside the edges in an important game. That was the two most important things when making my very own HeatoN pad. With the best glide ever on a hard top together with the durability so the glide won't change every week. I would have to say that we have developed the perfect plastic pad that will never interfere with your game and make sure you are always on the top of your game." Says Emil "HeatoN" Christensen

The biggest hard top gaming mouse pad in the world

The pad itself has a dimension of incredible 43.5x36.5x0.35cm (17.12x14.37inch) which makes it almost impossible to slide of the edge. Previously you have only found such large pads made out of traditional cloth, but are now also available for all hard top fans out there. The surface is constructed in a 3 layer construction. Starting with a high quality cross weave rubber to make it stable on the table. The second layer is an abs plastic sheet to give it stability and weight. The third layer is made from an extremely durable carbytek plastic that offers a very good glide in combination with unique micro precision. The combination of a spongy 2mm rubber base with an abs board in between and the hard top surface gives it a new feeling never felt before. The weight of almost a half kilogram makes it very stable and firm on the table.

"I am very proud to work with HeatoN he has so much to give from his experience as a professional gamer. Together with Heaton we have created the prefect pad, the biggest hard top surface in the world, a product that meets the demands of a pro gamer. This is not just a product with a HeatoN brand this is a product developed exactly in the way HeatoN wanted it." Says Christer Körnbäck, President and founder of QPAD

Pictures in higher resolution:

The first small shippment of QPAD HeatoN gaming mouse pad is allready now available in some shops in Sweden and will be shipped out to well sorted gaming shops close to you during the summer.

About QPAD:

QPAD built its success on a grassroots commitment to the gaming community. Like you, we thrive in the madness of competition and embrace the free spirit of gaming. Our sponsorship of the QTOUR, events, communities, cups, tournaments, teams and LAN parties reflects this commitment. The knowledge we've gained has fed into our development of high quality lifestyle products for gamers. For more information, please visit

About HeatoN:

Emil "HeatoN" Christensen is known throughout the world for his achievements in the Counter-Strike 1.6 pro gaming arena, and his unique technique when shooting. By taking his team "NiP" (Ninjas in Pyjamas) to winning the World Championship and once more with the successful team SK Gaming, HeatoN has been a centre figure in the pro-gaming arena for a long time. Even after being an active pro-gamer he was General Manager for the Swedish team"Stockholm Magnetik" in the global gaming tournament CGS.

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