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Pwned.com iPhone App

Tracks what your pals are up to.


Pwned.com is releasing their first iPhone application. This application will allow each user to view their own profile notifications and see what their friends are up to. They can also view their friends list, view their friend's profile, chat with other members using the Shoutbox and view which friends are currently on XBox Live and Steam. Like Pwned.com, the site itself, the application focuses on giving gamers what they want. By being able to see which of their friends are online and what game they are currently playing, the app focuses on the gaming aspect of the social network. If the user can't access their gaming system, they are still able to hang out with the members via the site Shoutbox.

New members can also register right from the application.

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Application Features

New User Registration View User Profiles User Notifications Shoutbox Friends List Friends List showing who is playing on XBox Live and what game they are playing Friends List showing who is playing on Steam and what game they are playing About Pwned.com

Launch Date: December 3rd, 2008


Pwned is composed of real gamers who just wanted to build a place for everyone to enjoy and play games with others who play the same games. While the gaming industry constantly grows larger everyday, we offer a place for any type of gamer to connect and learn about the latest and greatest as well as the classic and epic. With our various features of interaction with other members, we are pioneers in connecting the gaming community in one place. Members can earn Pwned Points through various activities including viewing and interacting with user friends, uploading pictures, rich media, posting game reviews and blogs, participating in polls and creating clans. Pwned Points may be redeemed for cash, video game consoles, iPods, video games, etc..

Contact Information:

CEO: Andrew Briggs, contact@pwned.com



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