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Puzzle Classic Goes Mobile

The original 80's puzzle classic Pipemania bursts on to mobile; revamped, improved, and wetter than ever!

The player must connect pipes on a grid to support the flow of water from one end to another. Run out of time and you're going to cause a leak, and have a very soggy problem on your hands! Pipemania has been a smash hit on an amazing 17 platforms over 17 years, with its simple one button controls, the mobile version looks like it will be the most successful to date.

The original Pipemania was an instant hit when it was released in 1989 for all of the then leading Home Computer and Video Game platforms. The game was published by LucasFilm in North America and was one of the few titles to make the transition from Home gaming platforms to the arcades with a coin-op version. Its move to the mobile game platform will please fans of the title and introduce this classic puzzler to a whole new mobile gaming generation.

Pipemania is a simple, fast and frenzied puzzle game that instantly hooks you with its addictive playability. In a race against time you have to connect the randomly presented pipes to create a path for the surging sewer slime. Once the slime has passed through a number of the pipe pieces the player clears the level and passes to the next frantic round.

"We are very excited to be working with THQ Wireless with their global distribution, unique technologies and well-known brands to bring PipeMania to the mobile platforms," commented Ian Higgins CEO of Empire Interactive "PipeMania is a renowned puzzle title that lends itself perfectly to mobile handsets."

Adam Comiskey, Vice President International at THQ Wireless said, "Pipemania is a classic game franchise that has true mass market appeal, hence our decision to take the IP to the mobile space." He added, "The game works perfectly across the broad spectrum of mobile devices, providing real entertainment for the mobile users."

To get a hold of this game on your mobile phone text 'PIPE' to 88188

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