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Put your reflexes to the test in the „SpellForce 2 – Shadow Wars" competition and win some great prizes!

To accompany the release of the game "SpellForce 2 - Shadow Wars", JoWooD and Deep Silver invite you to play a round of the famous thimblerig game. Every week until June 04th, you will have the chance to win a statuette of Shadowsong, 10 copies of SpellForce 2, 10 posters of the game and 5 brand new SpellForce 2 shirts!

Select your character and find it hidden beneath one of the three containers in the game of thimblerig. The more often you play, the more gold coins you can win. These will allow you to unlock additional characters in the course of the game.

In order to start, you have to wager a sum between 1 and 100 gold coins. Your character will hide under one of the three containers, which will then be swapped round. Can you keep your eye on the container that has your hero hidden under it? If you guess correctly you will double your money. If your guess is wrong, you will lose the sum you wagered. You're short of cash? Invite your friends to join in the game as well and receive 10 gold coins per invitation.

The player who achieves the best result in one week will be rewarded with a resin statuette of the heroine Shadowsong. Don't hesitate to check the rankings daily, or you might be knocked off the top spot by a more skilled rival ...

To take part in the SpellForce 2 competition and test your reflexes with the thimblerig game, please follow this link:

Publisher JoWooD / Deep Silver

Entwickler Phenomic Game Development

Distribution KOCH Media (A, CH, D, I, UK, FR)

Plattform PC


About Deep Silver

DEEP SILVER is the games publishing division of KOCH Media. The label launched in 2003, with a policy of recruiting passionate gamers to work closely with International developers and publishers to bring groundbreaking and creative projects to market. DEEP SILVER firmly established itself in 2004 with the award winning X² THE THREAT and the innovatively quirky; SINGLES: FLIRT UP YOUR LIFE. The creatively twisted AMERICAN McGEE'S SCRAPLAND headed DEEP SILVER'S launch onto console in 2005, followed by key brands SINGLES 2: TRIPLE TROUBLE, EARTH 2160 and X³ REUNION. 2006 promises even more ground breaking titles with the signing of PARAWORLD and ANNO 1701 from SUNFLOWERS and the console launch of X³ REUNION. For further information on DEEP SILVER and their upcoming products, visit

Founded by Franz Koch and Klemens Kundratitz in 1994, Koch Media is a leading production and marketing company for digital entertainment products in Europe. The company focuses on publishing and licensing software products, games and films on DVD. Koch Media's sales, marketing and distribution activities cover the whole of Europe, and the company has achieved strategic cooperation agreements with numerous software and games manufacturers: G-Data, JoWooD, Lexware, Magix, Pinnacle, Square-Enix, Sunflowers, Ulead, etc. While Koch Media's head office is situated in Planegg, near Munich, the company also maintains further branches in Germany, England, France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

About JoWooD Productions Software AG

Shares of the JoWooD Productions Software AG are traded at the Vienna stock exchange, JoWooD is one of the leading publishers of computer- and videogames. JoWooD develops and publishes state-of-the-art entertainment software for all major existing and coming systems. JoWooD's games are distributed in all territories by a worldwide net of distribution partners. Please visit the homepage for further information.

About Phenomic Game Development

Headquartered in Ingelheim am Rhein, Germany, Phenomic Game Development was founded in 1997 by Volker Wertich, known by many as the mastermind behind the hugely successful "Settlers" series, where he played a major role in the development of the first and third parts. Phenomic focuses on the creation of outstanding computer and video games for an international audience, specializing in strategy, empire building and role playing games for PC and online media. Most successful product: SpellForce.

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