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Facebook-based board game gets Ranked Match feature.

Vienna, Austria - November 18, 2010 -- Socialspiel, a new Vienna based social games development studio founded by game industry veterans, today announced a new Ranked Match feature in their September released title Push on Facebook:

Push is an easy-to-use casual online board game where players on social games platforms can compete with their friends in a stylish and addictive turn-based browser environment. Intuitive to the generation surrounded by social networking and social games the game provides a new social gaming experience with classic game elements. Push stars the eccentric in-game character Pon Du Bear who loves board games, playing with his friends in his stylish mansion, relaxing in his retro Eames chair and eating his  eloved


But one day, Pon Du Bear wakes up with a big hangover. "Boy, what a night", he says to himself. He was up for almost two days and nights, playing Push, eating Pops and partying with his hipster friends way too hard. He discovers that most of his cool stuff is gone. His fancy clothes... gone. "Bugger!" he thinks, "I must have lost everything at last night's game. I better get started and win it all back before my friends see me like this..."

Now it’s the players turn to help Pon getting his stuff and even more fancy things. Pon therefore provides the guidance necessary to become the leading Push player in their circle of friends around the World. The new ranked matches are not only fun, competing with others under time pressure will earn players points and a rank in the leaderboard.

“Socialspiel’s vision is to create online games, with high quality production values and appealing experiences for players and their friends to enjoy throughout their daily life online”, says CEO Helmut Hutterer.

About Socialspiel

Socialspiel is an angel-funded social games startup headquartered in Vienna, Austria. Founded in early 2010, the goal of Socialspiel is to create high-production value original game experiences and brands together with a world-wide group of publishing, distribution and marketing partners. For more information visit or for recent news visit



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Socialspiel launches Ranked Match feature in Push 

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