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Pumpkin Chop 2

Vegetable sculpting sequel launched on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

10/15/2010 - Chester, SC

The #1 Xbox 360 pumpkin carving simulator from last year returns, bigger than ever!

Pumpkin Chop returns once again to Xbox Live Indie Games to bring you the best 3D pumpkin carving simulation, just in time for Halloween.  Carve whatever your twisted mind desires, then show it off to friends and family in the 3D animated showoff scenes!

Pumpkin Chop 2 takes all the great features that made the first a hit - freehand 3D carving and great looking showoff scenes, and makes them better than ever.  Now Pumpkin Chop 2 features 3 all new animated Showoff scenes - a dark Graveyard, a Witch brewing over a cauldron in the woods, and the Headless Horseman running through the Haunted Forest and a new 3D carving scene.  In addition, there are now built in carvings for those just wanting some great ambience at their party, new music, and 89.3% more awesomeness than last year. 


         Freehand 3D carving - ignore the rules of the universe, and carve whatever you want          Three all new Showoff scenes          Over 30 minutes of music by Kevin MacLeod          Mess free pumpkin carving          Witches, Ghosts, Headless Horsemen, and other stuff that goes Bump in the Night         Dynamic Lighting, Depth of Field, and other cool stuff never before used to make virtual pumpkins look so great Pumpkin Chop 2 is available exclusively for the Xbox 360 on Xbox Live Indie Games, for just 240 Microsoft points (about $3) - less than the cost of a real pumpkin, without all the mess!

About Pumpkin Chop 2

Pumpkin Chop 2 was created by Matt Mitman 

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