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PulseWave 2

Gaming headset launched.

Lake Forest, CA, May 25, 2010 - TekNmotion, manufacturer of advanced gaming gear, today began shipments of their new, next gen PulseWave 2 gaming headsets for PC and video gaming enthusiast.

The PulseWave 2 PC Gaming Headset

The PulseWave 2 seeks to dramatically improve the popular legacy of its predecessor the original PulseWave. PulseWave 2 sports many improvements including: upgraded audio quality, larger 50 mm speaker drivers, a more attractive streamlined look, comfortable ear cup design, a re-designed microphone and improved durability, all at an incredibly affordable price PC gamers will appreciate.

The new PulseWave 2 supports both 7.1 channel virtual surround sound using a USB 2.0 connector and 2.1 channel stereo using a standard 3.5mm audio plug. Now PC gamers can customize their audio experience by choosing which type of connection works best with the flick of a switch. Regardless of your sound card or PC, PulseWave 2 delivers both superior audio performance and compatibility.

The PulseWave 2 has a detachable noise-canceling microphone and also sports immersive Sonic Force Feedback vibration allowing you to not only hear the sound, but feel it too! PulseWave 2 also delivers a pulsating and dazzling light show tied to the game action or music maximizing your audio experience. Both the vibration and lighting effects can be adjusted to your custom settings using the Dynamic Master Control unit.

The PulseWave 2 features include:

- USB 2.0 connector for 7.1 virtual surround sound

- 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack Connector

- Speaker Diameter 50mm

- Dynamic In-Line Master Control w/ shirt clip

- Sonic Force Feedback vibration effects

- Blue, Green and Red Pulsating Lights

- 9.5 feet (2.8m) Connector Cables

- Detachable Noise-Canceling Microphone

- Padded Leather Headband and Ear Cups

- Over-ear Noise Reduction Ear Cups

- Adjustable Fit

- External Battery Pack w/ Velcro strip

- C-Media 108 USB 7.1 Audio Drivers

- Windows XP, Vista and Win 7

- Works with iPod®/MP3 Players

The PulseWave 2 PC Gaming Headset retails for $59.99 and a military-style camouflage model for $69.99. Both models will be available for purchase at Amazon.com, NewEgg.com, Fry's Electronics, GoGamer.com and other fine retailers. Authorized distributors include: FillPoint, Petra, Navarre and Compuexpert. For more information on our growing line of performance Gaming Headsets and accessories please visit www.teknmotion.com.

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About TekNmotion

Founded in 2006, TekNmotion specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced video gaming gear. TekNmotion strives to bring useful and innovative products to consumers and resellers at an affordable price. TekNmotion works with its retail partners and distributors to meet the ever increasing demand of a technology fueled entertainment marketplace.

TekNmotion is located in Lake Forest, CA. For more information, visit them at: www.teknmotion.com .

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