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PSP sales up in Japan

An extended run of good sales sees Sony's handheld extend its 2008 sales lead over other hardware platforms.

Sony's PlayStation Portable sold over 92,000 units in Japan for the sales week ending April 27, extending its lead over the other platforms for the calendar year with almost 1.5 million sales in 2008.

The Nintendo Wii leapfrogged the DS into second place selling just under 49,000 units, with the DS selling 42,000 - although both have now sold almost identical numbers this year at 1.24 million.

The PlayStation 3 numbers rose slightly to 9100 from the previous week's 7400, although the flagship Sony console has now only sold around a third the number that the Wii has in Japan in terms of lifetime sales comparisons.

The PlayStation 2 sold 7100 units, while the Xbox 360 managed just under 1300.

The full rundown is as follows:

  • 1. PlayStation Portable (92,411)
  • 2. Nintendo Wii (48,796)
  • 3. Nintendo DS (42,435)
  • 4. PlayStation 3 (9107)
  • 5. PlayStation 2 (7108)
  • 6. Xbox 360 (1283)

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