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PSP (PlayStation Portable) Reaches Cumulative Worldwide Shipment of 10 Million Units

Tokyo, October 21, 2005 - Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) announced today that the cumulative production shipment of its PlayStation®Portable (PSP®) handheld entertainment player had reached 10 million units worldwide, as of October 21st, 2005. Shipment of 10 million units within 10 months since launch is the fastest penetration speed in the PlayStation® platforms introduced in the past. Along with the exciting and extensive lineup of software titles for the year-end/New Years peak selling season, shipment of PSP is steadily growing in Japan, North America and Europe.

Since its launch in Japan in December 2004, North America in March 2005, Southeast Asia in May 2005, and in Europe in September, 2005, PSP has steadily been establishing its place as a new handheld entertainment platform around the world. With its overwhelming presence and impact, unparalleled in handheld systems, PSP has been gaining huge support from a broad range of consumers.

On the software side, PSP®Game software shipment has reached 19.6 million units and 183 titles have become available worldwide as of September, 2005. Market for the UMD®Video software titles have been expanding and cumulative production shipment has exceeded over 15 million units as of September 2005. More new and attractive titles are expected to be released from content developers and publishers for the holiday season.

SCEI aims to expand the world of entertainment with game, music and movies in the mobile entertainment arena by offering new accessories and the continuous system software upgrades for the additional features on PSP. With PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation®Portable, SCEI will create and develop a new world of computer entertainment through the fusion of game, music, movies, and broadcasting.

PlayStation Portable Cumulative Shipment by Territory (as of October 21, 2005)

- Japan (including Asia (*1)) 3.00 million units (launch date: December 12, 2004)

- North America 4.47 million units (launch date: March 24, 2005)

- Europe/PAL 2.53 million units (launch date: September 1, 2005)

Worldwide Shipment: 10.00 million units

(*1) Includes shipment to Asian countries and regions including South Korea.

For more information contact:

SCEE Press Centre

Email: scee_presscentre@scee.net

Tel:+44 (0)20 7859 5000

About Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. as at 20 October 2005

Recognized as the global leader and company responsible for the progression of consumer-based computer entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) manufacturers, distributes and markets the PlayStation® game console, the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) handheld entertainment player. PlayStation has revolutionized home entertainment by introducing advanced 3D graphic processing, and PlayStation 2 further enhances the PlayStation legacy as the core of home networked entertainment. PSP is a new portable entertainment system that allows users to enjoy 3D games, with high-quality full-motion video, and high-fidelity stereo audio. SCEI, along with its subsidiary divisions Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd., and Sony Computer Entertainment Korea Inc. develops, publishes, markets and distributes software, and manages the third party licensing programs for these platforms in the respective markets worldwide. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. is an independent business unit of the Sony Group. PlayStation, the PlayStation logo and PSP are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc

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