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PSP ON TV - New Device Connects Sony PSP to Any Television



Hong Kong October 19, 2005 -- Sony's PlayStation Portable soon to play games (and movies) on the big screen. -- A new device dubbed 'PSP ON TV' will allow all Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) owners to have the choice of playing their games and movies on any television, or even on huge projection screens. Asian Toy Source, an innovative video game accessory company in Hong Kong, has just announced their new PSP ON TV video game accessory product will be ready very soon.

Where There is a Need, There's a Niche

"This is the most anticipated PSP accessory ever! Most people expected Sony to release a PSP to TV accessory, but they have let the customer down. This is similar to what Nintendo did by offering no backlight for Gameboy Advance. Where there's a need, there's a niche!" proclaims company spokesperson Michael Borer.

How It Works

The user simply clips the PSP-ON-TV device to any Sony PlayStation Portable, and in seconds video is being displayed on any television display. It's so easy, no tools are required for installation, and you do not need to open the PSP to install. It is truly a Plug-and-Play user experience, and people will be playing their games & movies on the big screen just seconds after opening the package.

The PSP-ON-TV product does not void Sony's warranty or any other 3rd party 'Extended Warranty', which retailers such as Best Buy offer to their customers. "Beware of other 'copy-cat' products that may come out, because they may force you to open your valuable PSP and void the warranty!", warns the company's website.

Movies and Photos Available Online

Having just finished a hugely successful launch at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2005 we are now prepared to reveal the product's support website. The product specific website is where there are plenty of teaser videos to whet any rabid video gamer's appetite. Since the product is not scheduled to hit market until November, the company has prepared some pre-launch videos.

Even PSP formatted videos are available online. "Because one of the best things about the PSP is it's ability to display movies, we have conveniently provided PSP videos pre-formatted to display on any PSP worldwide.", offered Mr. Borer. Just save these special movies on your PSP and watch them on-the-go.

PSP-ON-TV: To The Rescue

The Sony PSP screen is a relatively small 2"x3.5" inch LCD 480 x 272 pixel high-resolution screen, which is great for on-the-go gaming fun. But what about all these UMD movies Hollywood is releasing?

Apparently it is just not much fun to get muscle cramps, headaches, and eye spasms while watching a blockbuster film in the palm of your hand. You just cannot compare a 3 inch display vs. 63 inches...or perhaps even 123+ inches with an inexpensive LCD projector. Wouldn't it be much better to share the entire PSP Experience with a room full of people?

New PSP exclusive game titles such as Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories, are designed only for Sony PSP, and would not normally be allowed to be seen on the big screen. However with PSP On TV, people can experience these Playstation2 quality games on a large TV screen.

"We can safely assume Sony doesn't want you to see GTA: Liberty City on a big screen TV...what we're doing here, well it's almost TABOO!", says Mr. Borer.

When, Where, and How Much?

The PSP ON TV product is expected to have a Q4 release in November 2005, with a MSRP of $99.95usd and be available for sale via both online and brick-and-mortar retail stores. There will be a long list of retailers on the website alongside the manufacturer's full technical support.

Asian Toy Source believes this is a timely product release. With the release of Sandisk's 2GB and the upcoming 4Gigabyte Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo, all PSP owners will have the ability to watch hours of their home movies, or convert DVD, MPEG, or DivX videos to watch on the PSP. What better way to enjoy such content, than on a larger screen?

The History Behind PSPonTV?

Asian Toy Source brought a similar product to market about 3 years ago called GBATV. This product was designed for Nintendo GameBoy Advance, or GBA. It brought the video from the GBA to the TV as well, and was a smash success, in particular for the Japanese market where it sold just over 200,000 units.

The was known by 2 other names GBA2TV, and TVdeAdvance depending on the market location.

This same company also released "GBA Halo" about 3 years ago, which was a back lighting system for Gameboy Advance.

"We have a history of bringing truly unique video game accessories to market, and we are fully intent on bringing even more innovative items out soon.", explained Mr. Borer.

Fast Forward to the 2005/2006 Xmas Season!

According to the manufacturer, this 'PSP-2-TV' type product will be available for retail sale well before Christmas 2005, but they advise to get pre-orders in with retailers as soon as possible because the first run production is very limited due to high demand in the Japan market.

PSP Hacking 101

The PSPonTV product is a no-brainer for most people, but in particular the PSP Hacking crowd, otherwise known as the "PSP scene". If you are a "PSP Hacker" it is like having 10 or more video game machines in the palm of your hand.

The company thinks that PSP hackers, or otherwise known as Homebrew Users will love this new accessory, as these users can play unauthorized emulators such as Super Nintendo, GBA, Sega Genesis, and more....but now on the big screen. Imagine carrying around movies, music, hundreds of classic Nintendo and Sega games all in the palm of your hand, and being able to display them on any TV screen when you arrive at your destination.

Asian Toy Source thinks the PSP ON TV is sweet music to almost any PSP user's eyes...or ears.


For further information about PSP ON TV, please contact the company via email: Sales (at) with the subject "Media inquiry".

Asian Toy Source Limited, a long term player in the video game accessory business offering the most innovative and unique accessories. The company's corporate website is available at Having offices and warehouses in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, and United States allows for easy customer support and contact with vendors. ATS Ltd. have also recently announced their PlayStation2 DVD REGION FREE product called "ZONE FREE DVD" for PS2 at This PS2 disc allows any DVD region movies to play on any PS2, which is a boon for any import movie collector. Also great for Europe/Australia/Asia and South America where Hollywood releases don't arrive until months after they do in the States. Also of note to the Sony PSP market, soon the company will launch a PSP Memory Adapter to allow large Compact Flash and CF Micro-Drives to work on the PSP, which is a much cheaper alternative to the current, and only option of expensive Memory Stick Pro Duo. Contact Asian Toy Source via email: Efax (at) or via fax at: +1-905-481-1250

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