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PSP Advance Media Player Released

Philadelphia, November 2 - Advance Theory, Inc. has launched its first Media Player, Content Download System and Interactive Community application for PSP (Sony PlayStation Portable). PSP Advance is a revolutionary application that enables users to maximize the device's potential without having to convert files or remain hostage to Sony's expensive software and restrictive firmware updates.

The PSPAdvance application offers users one-click transfer of music, movies, games, magazines etc, via USB and wirelessly. But the PSPAdvance offering is much more robust then that.

Unlike other programs that only reside on the user's PC and focus on converting files to compatible PSP Firmware formats, PSPAdvance is a fully featured Media Player that resides on the PSP device as well as on the PC desktop. This allows the user to easily sync and play any format of file on the device through the PSPAdvance Media Player without the need for format conversion. This will enable the user to have complete flexibility and empower them to realize the PSP's full potential without restrictions.

PSPAdvance takes their offering one step further by including the first application to offer wireless connectivity. This combined with a built in Friendster style user community feature that allows users to seek one another based on their intrests or find PSP users that are doing things with the PSP that are unique and hook up for collaboration. The most timely aspect of the PSPAdvance Media Player is the iTunes style resource for audio and video content. With PSPadvance, users also recieve a PSP Alerts system that sends desktop alerts to users when friends are online with thier PSP or PC or when new applications or content is available. To add even more to this unbelievable system, users can even download or wirelessly access exclusive PSP formated magazines form their favorite publishers while listening to thier favorite MP3s.

PSPAdvance is the most comprehensive technology and entertainment resource on the market.

Advance Theory's philosophy is based on enabling the consumer, not restricting them. Enabling them freedom in media formats, ability to share and communicate with their peers, access to content both original and licensed, and an opportunity to create and distribute content themselves.

Product Overview:

PSP Advance is a fully featured media player and content resource for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP).

PSP Advance Core Offerings:

1 PSP Media Player

2 Interactive Live Web Cam Chat

3 iTunes (style) Content Resource

Media Player Application:

1 PSP Advance is a first of its kind fully featured media player exclusively built for the Sony PSP device that easily syncs with the user's PC

2 The Media Player Application resides both on the user's PC desktop and on the PSP device itself

3 PSP Advance is first media player application that allows for all formats of audio and video files to run without the need for converting to be compatible


1 PSP Advance includes an Audio/Video Instant Messenger feature that will allow the PSP Advance user community to communicate and share information

2 Features

- Audio and video communication

- Both group and private chat options

- Invitation to view content

- Simultaneous media play and IM functionality allowing for conversation on content currently being viewed by participants

Content Resource:

1 The PSP Advance website: the exclusive resource for previewing content available for the media player

2 Content Categories

- Video, Audio, Games, Photos, Skins, Wallpapers, Ring tones

- Original and licensed content

PSP Advance Features:

1 Provides Content

2 Custom Visualizations and custom skins

3 Graphic Equalizer

4 Multi-format Video Capability without conversion

o MPG1, MPG2, MPG4, DivX, Xvid, MOV

5 One click PC to PSP synchronization via PSP Detect Technology

6 Built in Programming for plug-in updates

7 Built in PSP games

8 Photo Sharing and Storage

More information about PSP Advance and Advance Theory Inc. is located on their website at http://www.PSPAdvance.com

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