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PS3 user refunded for 'Other OS' removal

Amazon responds to complaint that console is not fit for purpose

A PlayStation 3 user has reportedly received a partial refund after complaining that Sony's removal of the Install Other OS feature meant the console was no longer fit for purpose.

The user - NeoGAF forum member lapetus - was granted a refund of £71.49 for his 60GB PS3 console by online retailer Amazon. That was without having to return the console, which was considerably out of its warranty period and Amazon's 30 day guarantee.

PlayStation University reports that lapetus used European laws to obtain the refund - specifically stating that the feature's removal meant the console no longer complied with the description given and was not fit for the purpose required which was made known to the seller at the time of purchase.

The recently-released Firmware 3.21 disabled the ability to run Linux on the PS3 - a move that Sony said was necessary due to security concerns.

The feature had already been dropped from newer PlayStation 3 models last year, and Sony has said that those few using the Other OS can continue to do so by opting not to upgrade their consoles. However, not doing so would result in not being able to sign into the PlayStation Network, or play games that require the latest update.

Sony's user agreement also states clearly that it has the right to revise the PS3's settings and features in order to prevent access to unauthorised or pirated content. has contacted Sony for comment on the situation.

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