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PS3 Specific Games Rental Site Launched



Most places are selling the PS3 for £425.

This won't leave most people much change to buy themselves any games to go with it.

Which is a shame considering the fact that most people will want to play as many games as possible to test its awesome capabilities.

www.rentps3.co.uk has been set up as a specific outlet of ps3 games rentals to help people get the most out of their ps3 after shelling out such a huge amount for it in the first place. They also have some good start-up deals for people who still haven't ordered their ps3.

Rob Savin, Marketing Manager at PS3 Games Rental UK says, "The PS3 is amazing. The problem is that it's so expensive for most people to afford. Until games prices come down we see games rental as the only way that most people are going to be able to get the most out their investment - the cost of just two games will buy people over six months of unlimited rentals."

Head to www.rentps3.co.uk now to get priority on every single game available for the PS3.

Notes to editors

1. PS3 Games rental is available from 43p per day

2. A 10 day free trial is available for all new users of the service.

To arrange an interview with PS3 Games Rental UK please contact Rob Savin on 0845 009 2788.

For more details please contact:

Rob Savin

Gametart Direct, The Maltings, 506 Radford Road, Nottingham. NG7 7EA.

0845 009 2788


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