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PS3 PlayTV European launch in September

SCEE president David Reeves has announced that PlayTV will be available in September for a price of EUR 99

At today's PlayStation Day 2008 event in London, SCEE president David Reeves announced that PlayTV will launch in September at a price of EUR 99 (GBP 80; USD 154).

PlayTV is essentially a little black box that allows PS3 owners to record TV shows on the console's hard disk while watching another TV channel at the same time. Each recorded programme can be exported to the XMB and stored there with other videos.

Reeves indicated that PlayTV will also allow PS3 owners to view content via Remote Play, but he did not indicate whether it was possible to play a game on the PS3 at the same time it is recording a TV show.

Our sister site,, recently previewed PlayTV and put the device through its paces.

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