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PS3 modders claiming to be able to unban machines

New hack allegedly allows users to ban other consoles, too

Reports indicate that a new PlayStation 3 hack has enabled modders and hackers to unban their consoles from PSN, as well as letting them ban any other console which they have the serial number for.

Just last week, Sony threatened that anyone detected using a hacked or modded PS3 would be kicked from the PlayStation Network and permanently banned.

Now, Destructoid reports that this has been circumvented by a new security breach allowing users to control the ban-state of their machines and accounts.

The move is another escalation in the ongoing conflict between hackers and Sony, which has centred around George 'GeoHotz' Hotz and the hacking team fail0verflow, who collectively are accused of programming and publishing the "Jailbreak" hack which allows PS3 owners to play uncopyrighted material. Sony is in the process of suing those involved.

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