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PS3 is Japan's most anticipated next generation console

The Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association has published a survey conducted at this year's Tokyo Games Show, revealing the gaming habits, purchase projections and next generation console preferences for the Japanese market.

The Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association has published a survey conducted at this year's Tokyo Games Show which reveals the gaming habits, purchase projections and next-generation console preferences of Japanese gamers.

Available from the CESA website and partially translated by, the CESA surveyed 1000 gamers at TGS. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority of Japanese gamers remain loyal to Sony, with 71.8 per cent of respondents selecting the PS3 as their next-generation console of choice and 35.7 per cent choosing the PSP handheld. Just 13.7 per cent of respondents said they were interested in buying a Nintendo DS handheld, though this figure is likely to be lower due to many respondents already owning one at the time of the survey.

Microsoft's Xbox 360, which launches in Europe tomorrow and will be available in Japan from December 10th, was chosen by 23 per cent of those surveyed, beating the number of consumers holding out for the Nintendo Revolution (20.9 per cent).

Microsoft has struggled to gain a foothold in Japan with the original Xbox console, largely due to noticeably different tastes in the type of games and hindered somewhat by a long-standing loyalty to both Sony and Nintendo. The company hopes to make a more significant impact with the Xbox 360 and the survey reveals a much higher level of anticipation for the new machine than some analysts had forecast.

In terms of the Japanese gaming choices, there were few surprises - 70.9 per cent favoured role-playing games, compared to just 10.4 per cent for First Person Shooters, which has traditionally been a dominant genre in the West. Action and adventure games were prioritised by 43.8 and 31.5 per cent respectively, and the remainder of the more popular genres were split between simulation/strategy (27.8 per cent), shoot-em-ups (26.8 per cent), goal-based strategy games (23 per cent), and fighting games (21.6 per cent).

The Xbox 360 will be the first of the next generation consoles to reach Japan, with both Sony and Nintendo keeping launch dates and software line-up much closer to their chests. Both consoles are expected to be released in 2006 and in spite of numerous rumours pointing to a spring launch, no firm details have been released by either company to date.

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