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PS3 Bluetooth adaptor

Control your PS3 with a multi-remote.

For example, you can manage all the controls for watching a Blu-ray movie via your games console without having to switch between different remotes, controllers or even modes.

The PS3 code is pre-programmed into SmartControl.

To set up, simply pair the adaptor with the PS3 via the menu and pairing key.  The adaptor then translates the IR signals into Bluetooth commands that the PS3 can understand.  All commands are easily accessed, allowing full control of the games console which becomes an integral part of your home theatre system.

Free software allows you to create your own Bluetooth macros.  SmartControl's 'Watch Movie'

button can be easily programmed for gaming mode, selecting the HDMI port for your PS3 and controlling your amp whilst switching on your PS3 in a single button press.

The firmware is fully upgradeable via a dedicated



Downloading the software keeps the adaptor up to speed with any updates released by Sony, ensuring it's future-proof, and you can change the code it responds to.

SmartControl and the PS3 adaptor are also correctly pre-programmed for use with Play TV.

So there's no need for the adhesive overlay supplied by Play TV to use with the original PS3 remote.  All buttons on SmartControl are already set up as you would expect - with menu, guide and channel up/down all positioned and assigned to the right functions.

The adaptor is battery powered, saving a USB slot on your PS3.  With regular use two AA batteries should last about 6-9 months, although you can plug the adaptor into the PS3 to conserve battery power via USB.  It works anywhere within 10 metres of the PlayStation device, and powers everything off with one key press via a Bluetooth macro.

Really easy to programme, SmartControl features SimpleSet  - a unique three button set-up system for all the most popular brands, so you don't have to search for code numbers when pairing the remote with your equipment.  SmartControl will work with all brands and can learn any function from the original remote.

The SmartControl remote together with the wireless PS3 adaptor are specially bundled priced around £43 from www.amazon.co.uk, www.play.com and other retailers.

For more information visit:  http://www.oneforall.co.uk




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