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PS2 sales top 74 million in under four years

The staggering scale of Sony's total global dominance of this generation of games consoles was underlined today with the consumer electronics giant releasing its latest set of official figures for both incarnations of the PlayStation.

The latest set of figures reveal that the PS2 has topped 74 million sales across the world, with North America leading the way with 32.2 million, Europe/PAL with 25.9 million and Japan on its own accounting for some 17.9 million. UK sales alone are thought to be approaching 7.5 million alone - a staggering achievement for Sony.

The mighty PSone also continues to sell at its impulse price, with a total of 100.9 million sold since it launched in Japan 10 years ago, with North American sales at 40.2million, Europe/PAL with 39.8 million and Japan with 20.9 million.

With the recently released remodelled, slimmed-down PlayStation 2 already proving to be a huge hit with consumers, Sony could already hit the 100 million total in time for the PlayStation 3's release in about 18 month's time.

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