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PS2 hits million-unit target in Korea

The PlayStation 2 has hit a million unit sales in South Korea, according to the latest figures from Sony Computer Entertainment Korea - beating targets set earlier this year by SCEK president Hiroyuki Kunugita.

Kunugita told the press back in July that he hoped that the firm would reach a million units sold by the end of 2004, thanks to initiatives encouraging the development of locally relevant software in the market.

This week's announcement of the millionth unit sold means that SCEK has beaten this target by over two months - and will further extend Sony's lead in the console market in South Korea, where the most recent figures show it holding around 90 per cent market share.

However, the market for consoles in the country is still relatively small, with the majority of the games industry in the territory being focused on the PC platform, and specifically PC online titles including massively multiplayer games and strategy games.

Sony has attempted to win over gamers in Korea by converting popular PC titles - including locally created RPG Magna Carta - to the PlayStation 2, a strategy which appears to have borne fruit for the firm.

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