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Project Minerva Professional

Format: PlayStation®2

RRP: £19.99

Barcode: 5036675004673

Release date: 25th February 2005

Product Description:

A rogue terrorist force threatens the future of the human race. Information on the terrorist organisation is limited but the shadow of the powerful Minerva Corporation looms large over their activities.

As the inspirational commander of a hand picked Special Forces unit you are given the task of unraveling the terrorist network and neutralising the threat.

This is the ultimate mission - to save humanity. Codename: Project Minerva.

Product Features:

  • An immense 71 missions to unlock and complete within seven war zones.
  • Realistic combat action featuring a huge array of modern warfare weapons.
  • In-depth movie storyline that develops as you progress.
  • Huge influence over the selection and training of your squad members and deployment of their unique skills within the missions.
  • Innovative "Experience" and "Skill" points system for character development and team progression.
  • A top three full price PlayStation 2 title in Japan.

Reviews (so far):

"Project Minerva is a meaty and innovative squad-based shooter that deserves a closer look"

7/10 P2 Magazine

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