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Production Begins on 'Rhiannon - Beyond the Mabinogion'

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Cardigan, Wales, United Kingdom

12 February 2007

Wales-based independent computer game developers Arberth Studios has announced that production is well underway on its new adventure 'Rhiannon - Beyond the Mabinogion'. The point-and-click chiller is based on the 'Four Branches' legends, as told in the ancient Welsh cultural and mythical classic 'The Mabinogion'. The game has a Website at

Beginning with the present-day ghostly disturbances driving teenager Rhiannon insane, the player journeys through a hippie commune, an Edwardian tragedy and pre-Christian myths. Magic and science are interwoven, with the 'Four Elements', the physics of combustion, astrology, Kirlian photography, Email, an ancient Celtic script and lots more all playing a part.

Says game engineer Noel Bruton, "One of the core themes in the Mabinogion is the conflict between the prince Pryderi and the evil wizard Llwyd, who bore Pryderi a grudge. He was forced to swear never to take revenge during Pryderi's lifetime - but made no such promise about what was to happen afterwards. In 'Rhiannon - Beyond the Mabinogion', that ghostly battle still rages today, in the house and grounds of a Welsh country property. The player must face numerous puzzles and challenges to unravel and resolve the mystery."

The Arberth team has a dedicated graphic designer and modeller to assure the quality of the images used. Bruton again: "We are aware of recent successes like Barrow Hill, Scratches and Syberia, and how important graphical quality was for them. They have set the standard for us. We've also a haunting soundtrack and sound effects - but the main thing is the story. It all comes back to the Mabinogion. You don't need to know the myths of the Four Branches to play 'Rhiannon'. But you'll know them by the end, and we estimate twenty hours or more of violence-free playing to get you there."

'Rhiannon - Beyond the Mabinogion' will be initially for the PC only, delivered on DVD. An international launch of late 2007 or early 2008 is anticipated.

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Noel Bruton

+44 (0)1239 811646

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