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The Outlook, a fast growing company specializing in Events Management, is creating a massive impact in the game industry organizing the biggest tournament ever done in United Kingdom and Europe. After research conducted among all the fans already registered, the £1600 prize for the overall winner is not the only thing attracting them to the tournament. However, the money given to the overall winner would be the biggest prize fund ever received for such tournament. Thus, what would be their major motivation? The Outlook noticed that their pride and the need to prove themselves among others players is one of their main considerations. Obviously the winner of this tournament will have to the opportunity to claim that he is one of the best players in Europe and most probably the best player in United Kingdom. Nowadays such distinction is priceless as everyone agrees this game is far better and more realistic than any FIFA. Hence, it is not a surprise to know that professional football players have such admiration for this game and appreciate its skills.

Such a quality game deserved a quality tournament in a prestigious venue. Fans were waiting for this time to prove their level and "The Outlook" is proud to be at the head of this mission and looks forward to satisfying all of them.

The high demand for this tournament is surpassing all expectations. The Outlook has been amazed at the locations of the players registered for the tournament, and expected them to be Londoners considering the marketing campaign conducted. So far, most of the players registered appear to be from various cities in United Kingdom including: Cardiff, Hull, Manchester and Dublin. Others players will have to make a bigger journey coming from Gibraltar, Athens, Paris and Barcelona!! Even if these European challengers only represent a minority among the other players no one can deny the massive impact and repercussion of this tournament all over Europe.

So far most of the places have been booked in advance and many more will try their luck at the door in order to get in. To avoid disappointments and queuing "The Outlook" advises these challengers to register in advance and to book their place now at

Reserving a place is a smart idea for such massive tournament but will not guarantee the place. Only participants who have paid in advance will have guaranteed entry, but those who have secured their place have a better chance than potential gamers arriving on the day having not registered at all. After all, it is wise to protect your place in order to fight for this prestigious title, not to mention prize money of £1,600!

About The Outlook

The Outlook Company is part of the Artus Software Group. For the past 10 years, Artus Software has offered to primarily medium to small companies, of both corporate and entrepreneurial nature, marketing assistance to help realise business goals.

The Outlook offers the know-how to help increase a brand or corporate image with effective marketing action plans that ultimately increase sales and overall business performance.


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