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Prison Break in Voyage Century

Michael Scofield, the hero of Prison Break which is the hottest show on FOX, has glued thousands of fans for his courage and intelligence. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a brave man like him? Come in Voyage Century Online ( http://www.voyagecenturyonline.com/), where you can experience the excitement of Prison Break.

In VCO, guys might be imprisoned for killing. It's not a pleasant thing to stay in the jail for several hours. If you are courage enough, just act as Michael, make a complete plan and break out of the prison. Here is a plan may be helpful for you. (Sure, I'm not advocating killing people everywhere!)

Firstly you can play Show Hand in the jail. Surely, player can come out directly if till win.

If you failed, as your current situation, naked, go and kill the rats to get the Rat flesh, which is a good medicine for detoxifying. There's a sewer in Auslord Prison (thinking that other prisons will also have one). Search for it carefully! There are many poisonous bats inside the sewer. Try to rush through with the help of Rat Flesh.

When you rush through the sewer you should not be too joyful. You are just standing on the outskirt of the map. All you need to do is PM your friends to send you some money and wait till the dark falls.

Finally, when everything is ready, it's also a test time of your running skill. There are two guardians at the gate of the dock. Escaping from their capture and getting into your ship is your emergency.

Remind the plan in your mind and take action now. Anyway, it's so wonderful to break out of prison in VCO!

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