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Prince of Persia Warrior Within will come in Russia by Akella

Moscow, November 4.

Some years have passed since the Prince fought the treacherous vizier and stopped the grasping Sands of Time. When the Prince finally returns to Babylon after his long journey, he realizes that he's constantly pursued by the ancient creature named the Dahaka which intends to kill him at all cost. For creature is immortal, there's no choice for Prince but to evade the dreadful demon. Told by an old sage that the advent of the creature was the result of his interference with the Time which created a rift in the Timeline. The elder predicts that the Prince will inevitably die. But the young warrior did not get used to obey the capricious Fate.

A new voyage will lead the Prince to the corrupted heart of a dreadful fortress on a distant island, a dwelling of all the most horrible abominations a human mind ever imagined, guarded by terrible creatures of night and violent servants of death. The determined Prince intends not less than travel back along the Timeline to the source where The Sands of Time were created and prevent the very birth of The Sands. The Matter of Time will stay inviolable which would prevent the Dahaka from coming to the world of motrals.

The Prince himself has matured and become a cold-blooded merciless lifestealer. His combat skills are inimitable but his heart is frozen as if the Dahaka had breathed right into the Prince's soul. The graphics of the game is flawless as one of the approved Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The new dismal design delivers wholly fresh impression of fear and despair. The animation and special effects have evolved much, bringing new gameplay opportunities and making visual appearance advance greatly.

The game has become really hardcore as its main character did. Dare you challenge the Fate itself?

Game Features:

  • A new reincarnation of the familiar hero - not a young adventurer but matured cold-blooded warrior;
  • Ambidextrous Prince now wields two weapons at the same time;
  • Enhanced physics and graphics bring totally fresh visual experience;
  • Dozens of deadly monsters await you in gloomy passages and the deepest oubliettes of the infernal fortress;
  • Use projectiles, bodies of your enemies and environments to develop your unique combat style;
  • 5 weapon types and the devastating powers of the Sands of Time.

About Akella (

Headquartered in Moscow, Akella is one of the leading companies on Russian gaming market. Founded in 1995, Akella specializes in developing, publishing and distibuting of computer games and multimedia products, having more than 20 projects developed and more than 200 published. Main Akella's in-house titles are Sea Dogs, Age of Sail 2, Privateer's Bounty: Age of Sail 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean. All of them were critically acclaimed both in Russia and outside it. Moreover, Pirates of the Caribbean was first Russian product based on Hollywood blockbuster movie.

Much attention is paid to fast-growing console games market. Akella is the first Russian company that started deloping projects for PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Since 1997, Akella localizes and publishes products of its foreign partners on Russian market. Among others, company has localized such bestsellers as Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and XIII from Ubisoft, Akella actively collaborates with independent developers, distributing their games on ex-USSR territory and worldwide.

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