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Prevent your Xbox 360™ Discs from Scratching with Zoozen Protector!

Three expertly created easy to install soft foam pads which prevent Xbox 360 discs from scratching, even while tilting the console during play!

December 21s 2006, Next generation gaming comes at a greater cost which results in greater valued being placed on the protection of video game discs. The Xbox 360 has been no stranger to owners witnessing the console scratching game discs in particular reference to when the console is moved. The Zoozen 'protector' provides a simple and effective solution which ensures that no discs will be scratched while in play. Gamers can now shift the Xbox 360 from a horizontal to vertical position and vice versa without fear of disc scratching. Better yet, the installation of the 'protector' will not void the warranty of the console.

The Zoozen protector includes three innovatively created easy to install soft foam pads which attach to the top of the optical drive tray. The pads can be installed by even the most amateur of gamers within two minutes and will ensure the security of any disc media while in play. Gamers can now rest assured that their expensive games will not be susceptible to any form of scratching even under the most dynamic of conditions.

The Zoozen 'Protector' is now shipping and retails for a price of $7.45. Retail and distribution inquiries are welcome, and media samples are available upon request. For further information on the Zoozen 'Protector' please contact

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Zoozen is an innovator of quality consumer electronics. With main development offices in Hong Kong, Canada and France, Zoozen truly understands the needs of consumers on a global scale. The official website for Zoozen is located at

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