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Prevent children from playing unsuitable games on the PlayStation 2 with Xploder Parental GameLock.

Unique product from Xploder - the only system available to help parents and guardians protect their children from playing PS2 games that contain inappropriate content.

23rd May 2007


Product Overview

Xploder Parental GameLock is a combination of unique proprietary software and an innovative locking device (X-Lock) that has been designed to prevent children from removing the memory card that stores the data - it is the only system available to help parents and guardians control the content of their children's PS2 gaming.


It is difficult for parents/guardians to stay abreast of all of the latest game releases, let alone keep up to speed with their suitability for children. Xploder Parental GameLock means parents can leave their children to play PS2 games unsupervised, whilst safe in the knowledge that they will not be viewing unsuitable content.

Xploder Parental GameLock software incorporates publicly available data from worldwide certification bodies including BBFC, PEGI, ESRB, OFLC and USK. By combining this data with the unique X-Lock device, parents can upload the information to the memory card and lock it in place, so that it cannot be removed, allowing only suitable games to be played. Updates are available via a broadband enabled PS2 or can be downloaded to a USB device and parents can add new game details via the easy-to-use menu system.

The Xploder Parental GameLock is simple to use, and is already pre-installed with age ratings for thousands of PlayStation 2 games. The on-screen installation wizard allows parents to simply set their child's age and Xploder Parental GameLock ensures that no games with a rating that is higher than the age selected can be played. Once the X-Lock and memory card (required for use, not included) are in place there is no need to remove the device as the GameLock data is stored on the user's memory card, which is locked in place and accessed each time the PS2 is turned on. (continued)

Market Overview

Video games appeal to a wide spectrum of ages and it is understandable that games styles and content reflect the diverse audience that gaming now attracts. The gaming industry, with assistance from various Governments is taking significant steps to restrict the sales of more adult themed games to minors, with the implementation and enforcement of age ratings systems.

However the media is currently awash with stories of the alleged bad influence that some games are having on today's younger generation. Realistic graphics often depicting scenes of a violent, sexual or criminal nature have led to the banning of certain games in certain stores worldwide and law suits being filed against games publishers in the United States for what is deemed to be inappropriate content. Therefore many parents are keen to ensure that their children are not exposed to what they deem as unsuitable images and scenarios.

Available June 2007 from for just £24.99 / £34.99

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System Requirements: Recommended:

PS2 console (standard or slimline) Internet connection or USB Storage device for updates

Memory Card (900k free)

Any further enquiries should be directed in the first instance to:

PR/Media Contact:

Phil Holmes

Marketing Manager

Fire International Ltd.

office: +44 (0) 1302 325225

cell: +44 (0) 7717 713876

About Fire International Ltd:

Fire develops, manufactures and supplies worldwide a comprehensive range of console and PC based media management and video game enhancement utilities under the Xploder and Blaze brand-names.

As an MPEG4/AAC licensee, Fire provide advanced media conversion of video and music for use on PSP, XBOX 360, PS2, DS, Mobile Handsets and iPod as a single access point. Cross-platform media management solutions are available for all media, whatever the system.

The Blaze brand has been recently been used to re-launch a range of innovative bespoke accessory lines for major videogame consoles, available in sector-leading metal packaging.

Proprietary products include: PSP Xploder Movie Player, PSP Xploder Music Studio, Blaze PSP Pro Audio Sound System and Protector Case, Xbox 360 Xploder Cheat Saves, XBOX 360 Xploder Media Centre, PS2 Xploder Cheat System and Media Centre, Blaze PS2 HDTV Player, Blaze PS2 Mini Pro Shock Wireless Controller, NDS Xploder CheatSaves and iPod Xploder Media Centre.

Fire also provides OEM solutions for own-label product ranges across a wide variety of accessories, hardware and software - Fire technology powers the GameShark brand for Mad Catz in the US, Xterminator for Gametech in Japan and the Limited Edition Xploder Lite software that is bundled with the Lexar Gaming Edition PSP Memory Stick PRO Duo.

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