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The “Play It” group announced today that it is immediately consulting its lawyers in relation to Digital Bridges attempt to re-brand itself as “I-Play”.

Friday 8 April 2005/... Play It CEO, Mark Cale, said: "Over the last 3 years, Play it has successfully established itself as a well defined and well recognised brand in the gaming sector. It is the largest value publisher on Playstation 2 in Europe and is Sony's 12th largest customer overall in volume on this console. Play It has also been nominated for an MCV award this year.

The "Play It" brand identity is built around its distinctive name and logo, the latter consisting of the stylised words "Play It", with the word "It" appearing to be printed on a red ball. This logo not only appears in still life on all "Play It" related print and packaging, but it is also reinforced by an animated audio-visual sequence featuring the red ball rolling down some skittles to a distinctive musical jingle. This sequence appears as part of the opening credits to all its games.

We are absolutely shocked to see Digital Bridges' rebranding based around the word "Play", a red ball on which is printed the "label" name and an animated sequence involving the red ball in motion to a similar jingle. Indeed, the home page of their website is splashed the slogan "You name it, I play it" - incorporating our very name. We find it very hard to understand how another games company in this business could be unfamiliar with our distinctive branding. Our lawyers, Clintons, have accordingly been instructed and we intend to take every step available to us at law to fully protect our name, brand and logo. If this means an application for an immediate injunction to restrain further use by Digital Bridges of their new logo, then so be it"

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