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Melbourne, Australia (28th November 2005) - Following on from the successful release in the US, Nocturnal Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Ultimate Arcade GamesTM for the Game Boy AdvanceTM in Australia.

Ultimate Arcade GamesTM includes 12 arcade-inspired titles, and more than 100 challenges in a single cartridge that has gamers raving! Collect tokens by playing each of the games, then use them to purchase additional titles and challenge packs at the shop. Complete with full battery save and statistics tracking, the 50+ hours of gameplay will keep you playing for months - not days!

The twelve titles include:

  • (Action Shooter) Asteroid MineTM, Omega ForceTM, Galaxy HeroTM, Highway 51TM
  • (Action Adventure / Platformer) Treasure HunterTM, Milk RunTM
  • (Action) ChipBotTM, GridLockTM, FlipSideTM
  • (Action Puzzler) RubesCubesTM, BeeKeeperTM
  • (RPG/Trading) Merchant GalacticTM

Other game features include:

  • Configurable music, sound, and save options.
  • View detailed statistics such as time played, games played, medals won, and overall completion percentage.
  • On-screen Help for Game Objectives, Controls, and Hints.
  • Vanity board with top 5 scores and player initials for each game.
  • Full cartridge save for high scores, game progress, and Statistics

Ultimate Arcade GamesTM is published by Telegames Inc, and is part of the 'Ultimate' family of titles. Developed by Nocturnal Entertainment Australia, this is the first commercial title to use their proprietary Game Boy AdvanceTM technology Catapult.

Ultimate Arcade GamesTM retails for a RRP of $49.95, and carries a 'G' classification. It is distributed within Australia by Nocturnal Entertainment, and is available at selected retailers (including 'Game Traders' stores) as well as Nocturnal's online portal 'The Nocturnal Shop':

The title joins Ultimate Card GamesTM - rated 'PG', and Ultimate Brain GamesTM - rated 'G', which have already been released in Australia.

About Nocturnal Entertainment Australia:

Founded in 2002, with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, Nocturnal Entertainment Australia is a software development company working on technologies and games for the Game Boy AdvanceTM and Nintendo DSTM. Nocturnal uses a unique business model that combines traditional office development with a distributed development model similar to open-source projects. Nocturnal's flagship product is Catapult - a 'all-in-one' development application, currently available for the Game Boy AdvanceTM, with a Nintendo DSTM version in development. Ultimate Arcade GamesTM is Nocturnal's first commercially released title, with several other titles under development.

For more information on Nocturnal or our development practices, visit the Nocturnal Web site:

About Catapult:

First released in December 2002, Catapult is an integrated development environment for Windows to develop software and games for the Game Boy AdvanceTM. Catapult includes an editor, debugger, simulator and an extensive set of built-in tools. Applications are wholly developed on the PC, then exported seamlessly into a GBA compatible ROM. Catapult is based around a custom language, which was designed from the ground up for GBA development. Catapult's integrated tools include an image editor, sound editor, music editor, image processing tool, palette processing tool, resource manager, multi-lingual string manager, distributed project management tools and more.

A freeware version of Catapult (v1.42) is available for trial, and can be downloaded from Nocturnal's Web site. Catapult is currently available in English, Spanish and French with German and Italian versions in development.

For more information on Catapult, or to download the freeware version:

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