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Press registrations open for London Games Week

Sign up for ECTS and, er, some other stuff too. Probably.

If you're a journalist type, you may be interested to hear that press registrations have opened for London Games Week - the event formerly known as "ECTS and all that other stuff", which runs from the 25th to the 31st of August.

Registrations for press passes are being taken at, as ever, but despite the fact that the week is being billed as one large integrated extravaganza, you'll have to go and hunt down passes for other events apart from ECTS itself separately.

In terms of the stuff happening throughout the week, you've got ECTS (promising this year to bring back even more of the "big gun" exhibitors that deserted the show when it moved out to London's Docklands two years ago), the Game Developers Conference Europe and the PlayStation Experience - all happening at Earls Court. Then there's the Entertainment Software Charity ball on August 28, and development mag Develop holds its new awards ceremony on August 27.

We expect that there'll also be a number of other events going on throughout the week, with Nintendo likely to hold a press conference of some description alongside ECTS, and a number of publishers hopefully putting their cards behind the bar for some parties. However, despite the fancy moniker being applied to the week this year, the cupboard already looks a little barer than usual, with EA's "EA Play" event at its plush Chertsey offices apparently not scheduled for a repeat performance this year.

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