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Prescription for Sleep

Norihiko Hibino's musical App tops the Japanese App Store chartzzz...

For Immediate Release

Tokyo, Japan – June 16, 2009 – Hibino Sound Therapy Lab and Mission One, LLC. revealed today that Prescription For Sleep reigned supreme on the Japanese iTunes App Store for the first half of June, receiving “Staff Favorite” status as well as spending several days as the #1 most downloaded app in the Health and Fitness section. The Lite version of Prescription for Sleep has gone even further, becoming the #1 most downloaded free application on the entire iTunes App Store. Prescription for Sleep is an innovative application for the iPhone and iPod touch that has been created to whisk users to sleep with soothing visuals and original music created by GEM Impact’s award-winning composer, Norihiko Hibino.

The success of Prescription for Sleep both in Japan and abroad has inspired Hibino Sound Therapy Lab and Mission One, LLC. to team up once again to work on a follow-up application to bring peace and relaxation to users during the daytime hours, complementing the night-based Prescription for Sleep. Details regarding this new concept will be revealed in the coming weeks, but fans of Prescription for Sleep can rest assured that it will feature the same distinctive visual style and a set of all new musical performances from Hibino, integrating live chamber music and embedded frequencies from nature.

“I am very pleased at the success of Prescription for Sleep, but I feel that I have only just begun,” comments Hibino. “Music is a universal language that can influence every aspect of our lives, and I’m looking forward to elevating the standing of music in society to more than just entertainment.”

Prescription for Sleep is available on the iTunes App Store for $2.99 USD, and is compatible with both the iPhone and iPod Touch. It was released globally on March 10, 2009, and is available in both Japanese and English.

About GEM Impact

Founded in 2005 by award-winning composer Norihiko Hibino, GEM Impact has emphasized a worldwide approach focusing on high-quality electronic music augmented with live performances. With three accomplished composers on staff, GEM Impact has provided audio solutions for numerous games, anime, and web projects, including the Metal Gear Solid series, Yakuza 2, Commando 3, 1942: Joint Strike, Beatmania, and Ninja Blade. For more information on GEM Impact, please visit

About Mission One

Mission One is a Tokyo-based game development and localization company. Founded in June 2008 by video game veteran Marc Cellucci, Mission One strives to be a company that brings the Japanese sense of design and content to a worldwide market, while combining the best aspects of global game development under one roof. For more information on Mission One, please visit

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Jayson Napolitano, GEM Impact, Inc.

(951) 532-5245

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