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Prepare For The Ultimate Race Against Time!

Banish those building blocks as Puzzle League DS launches across Europe

24 May 2007- It's time to put your thinking cap on and get your stylus at the ready as Puzzle League DS works its way into Europe this summer! This block-sliding puzzle game will have you thinking on your feet as you try to ensure that the rising bricks don't stack up and reach the top of the screen! Puzzle League DS launches across Europe on 29th June 2007.

With no complicated rules to master, Puzzle League DS can be enjoyed by anyone just wanting to pick up and play, but it also provides challenges for even the most practised of players. As multi-coloured blocks rise from the bottom of the screen, players must rearrange individual blocks and attempt to line up three or more of the same colour. If a player is successful then the blocks will disappear.

To perfect your puzzling skills, planning and strategic thinking are crucial as the levels become harder and blocks begin to fall faster. To survive players must aim to clear as many blocks as they can in one go to get the highest score possible. For the more advanced player, blocks can also be moved while other blocks vanish, allowing them to set up a chain reaction and gain more points. However, if players aren't quick enough, the stack will reach the top and it will be game over!

Holding the Nintendo DS vertically like a book, players use the touch screen and stylus to slide and move blocks around with ease or if preferred, players can hold the DS horizontally and use the button controls.

In the game's single player mode, players can choose from a choice of taxing puzzles including Garbage Challenge, which involves clearing falling garbage blocks whilst aiming for a high score, which sees gamers playing against the DS, Time Attack where players race against the clock to clear the screen and Daily Play, which challenges players to complete tests from three modes every day.

Players who would rather compete against friends can use the local wireless connection. This allows up to four people to battle with only one copy of the game, meaning multiplayer does not require multiple game cards. For the ultimate challenge, why not pit your brain against players from other countries? Nintendo DS's unique Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection means that players with a wireless internet connection can battle against other gamers online and improve their ranking! Once players have exchanged 'Friend Codes', they can challenge other players in 'Friend Battle.'

If you're keen to become the ultimate player, there are additional items you can use to put your opponent off! Reflect, where all garbage is sent to your opponent, Twitch which makes your opponent's blocks shuffle for a short time or Paralyse, where one of your opponent's rows is made immovable! These items are available in multiplayer modes and when playing against the computer, allowing you to confuse and challenge your opponent to the very maximum!

Puzzle League DS slides across Europe on the 29th June 2007 at the estimated retail price of around £20. Make sure you're first in line!

For further information please contact the Nintendo Press Office on 020 7307 3103


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