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Postal Pack

The perfect gift for your girlfriend - if you want her to hate you forever.

Highly controversial when released due to high level of violence and craziness, « Postal » (1997) and « Postal² » (2003) are far from preaching love and respect to your neighbour.

Show your girlfriend how romantic and poetic you are with « Postal Classic and Uncut », « Postal² Share The Pain », 2005 add-on « Apocalypse Weekend ».

When Beat Them All meets FPS, you will spread death and chaos in « Postal Classic and Uncut » and you will have to accomplish the tasks your wife gives you every morning in « Postal² Share The Pain ». It doesn’t matter if you are kind of a cool guy or a dangerous psychopath, in the end you will have to go postal!

Postal Pack « The Perfect Gift For Your Girlfriend » is available for purchase from 10th to 14th February for 9,99$ / 7,99€ instead of 14,98$ / 11,98€ as digital download, DRM free.

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