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Postal III

Previewed last weekend at the Tucson Comic Con.


November 13, 2008

Tucson, AZ POSTAL creators Running With Scissors (RWS) represented the video game industry as more than 1,500 fans of all forms of popular culture descended on the first annual Tucson Comic Con on Saturday, November 8th at Tucson’s Four Points Sheraton.

RWS stood among comic book booths and superhero action figures with a POSTAL III preview and more swag than Sarah Palin brought back to Alaska. As the sole video game at the show, the booth was besieged by curious fans dressed as Imperial Star Troopers and Watchmen characters throughout the entire event.

RWS character Krotchy wasn’t permitted entry due to the large number of under-18 year olds. However, copies of the M rated “Postal” DVD were given away as prizes because “that’s the way we roll,” explained RWS’ own Iron Man, Vince Desi, adding: “"Holy Crap, Batman! Tucson's first Comic Con was Da-sheet." Then, turning briefly serious, Desi concluded, “It's a real boner… I mean honor for RWS to be a part of this premier event.”

“Given the turnout and over forty vendors the folks behind the Tucson Comic Con hope to make this a regular affair. "We hope that this gets bigger and better every year and that more people will want to be involved,” event honcho Mike Olivares told RWS.

For more information on Postal games and gear, as well as updates on the development of POSTAL III visit our new expanded site and be sure to visit for in-depth coverage of the RWS scene.

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