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Post Script

Screenshots and trailer released for "experimental" Half-Life 2 mod.

30 NOVEMBER 2009, Leeds, England – The first episode of experimental mod series Post Script is nearing completion. In preparation for release, a pair of in-game screenshots and a teaser trailer have been unveiled.

The series, a total conversion for Valve Software’s Half-Life 2: Episode 2, backgrounds traditional gameplay in favour of exploration and discovery, and provides a mysterious narrative set in the midst of the end of humankind.

Players will explore a desolate town, its population eradicated by an unknown force. Post Script explores the ways in which people behave and interact when faced with unthinkable circumstances.

Its creator, Lewis Denby, who primarily works as a games journalist, spoke last week in an interview with “It’s about love, and hatred, and the ways humanity deals with terrible events. It’s about the nature of reality. It’s about trying to toy with people’s minds a little bit,” he said.

In the mod, Denby revealed, “a series of characters look back, from some sort of undefined afterlife, on the period between a terrible disaster that almost wipes out mankind, and the proper end of the world a while later. The central story arc is about how that actually came to happen. Within that structure, each episode explores a single character, and we learn about their day-to-day lives and personalities over that time period.”

Episode 1 is currently approaching its final beta phase. A release date is yet to be confirmed. Its ModDB profile is already attracting attention from the site's user base.

For more information, please visit, or email Preview builds are available to press on request.

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