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Poseidon’s Realm

Casual puzzle title for Facebook.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., March 28, 2011 – Zabu Studio, Inc., a social gaming company, introduces “ Poseidon’s Realm,” a new casual Facebook game, combining strategic gameplay with colorful shimmering bubbles for hours of addictive play. The first original social media game developed with Reiner Knizia, a renowned German-style board game designer, “Poseidon’s Realm” offers players a quick and thrilling battle against the one minute timer.

“Meet your newest online addiction,” said Milton Soong, CEO, Zabu Studio, Inc. “With just one minute of play, Poseidon’s Realm gives players a strategically rousing game that will leave them wanting to play again and again.”

“Poseidon’s Realm” players try to score as many points as possible in the one minute of gameplay by bursting colorful bubbles on a seven by seven grid. As users click to pop the bubbles, the bubbles below rise to fill in the empty spaces. Players score when they form lines of three or more of the same colored bubbles and can score more points by forming a Mega Bubble, a two by two square of the same bubble color. When a Mega Bubble is formed, it gives the player’s score a multiplier effect -- the more Mega Bubbles, the bigger the multiplier.

Racing the clock, players earn extra time by forming lines of four or more of the same color of bubbles. Players lose time if they pop a bubble and no scoring line is formed. Since the bubble grid is also on a wheel, players can turn it to get a new perspective: since bubbles rise to the top of the grid, rotating the grid allows different combinations to form and maximizes scoring opportunities.

After completing each game of “Poseidon’s Realm,” players earn gems that can be traded in for power-ups including blowfish, starfish, extra time, extra Mega Bubbles and more. Players can trade the gems for power-ups in any of Zabu Studio, Inc’s other games. Power-ups can also be purchased with Facebook credits. For more detailed game instructions and to play, go to http://apps.facebook.com/poseidonsrealm/.

All of Zabu Studio, Inc. games contain the social elements that are indispensable in today’s Facebook games. Recent additions include a daily bonus feature where players earn extra gems and power-ups for playing the game daily and an invite bonus feature where players can give introductory gems and power-ups to friends whom they send a game invite. Along with these new features, players have the ability to compare all time high scores and weekly high scores against friends’, invite friends to join the game, and earn achievement badges and gems for advancing.

This is the third time board game designer Reiner Knizia has partnered with Zabu Studio. He also worked with the company to develop its other popular titles Pickomino and Lost Cities Solo.

Start playing “Poseidon’s Realm” today via Facebook.

About Zabu Studio, Inc.

Zabu Studio, Inc is an angel funded game studio whose mission is to come out with the next generation of social games. The Zabu team has many years of experience working in the technology sector and the gaming industry in Silicon Valley. They are also game fanatics who are passionate about games of all types, be it traditional video games, Euro board games, CCG, RPG, or miniature wargames. Zabu Studio, Inc. aims to bring the best ideas and inspirations from these diverse media to the modern social network. For more information, please contact pr@zabustudio.com.

About Reiner Knizia

Reiner Knizia is a prolific German-style board game designer.  He has designed over 500 published games and won numerous awards, including the Deutscher Spiele Preis four times, a Spiel des Jahres (in addition to a Kinderspiel des Jahres and a special award) and numerous other national and international awards. At the Origins Game Fair in 2002, he was inducted into the Gaming Hall of Fame. His games frequently make appearances on various top games lists, including the GAMES 100 list, the BoardGameGeek Top 100, and the Internet Top 100 Games List.

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