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Popular Web-Games Purchased By Loyal Fans

A suite of popular web-based games that helped form a sprawling global community of thousands has been taken over - by their own fans…


LONDON, 29 March 2005 - GamerParty Limited is pleased to announce it has bought the website www.weplayhere.com, including its entire suite of popular web games, from the site's UK based creator.

GamerParty Limited, a company formed to support fans of the website and its games in summer 2004, entered negotiations to purchase the site in early 2005.

Gregg Baker, long-time weplayhere.com community moderator and fan, established www.gamerparty.com in early 2004 in order to provide a forum and community features for the games' tens of thousands of active players. When the owner offered the website for sale, the GamerParty.com community encouraged Baker to enter the bidding.

"After a few weeks of negotiations we cracked a deal and the work to transfer the games to our own servers began."

The deal, for an undisclosed sum, not only secures the future of the games, but also means development work can begin anew - this time inspired by and driven by their own fans.

"We're pretty confident the community will help us cover the costs of hosting the games for everyone, but more than that we're now in a position to develop the games in tune with the wishes of the people that play them. That's new levels, improvements to the game code, better cheat protection, the works. It's pretty exciting really, and, at the end of the day, just what developing games should be all about."

Play games such as the phenomenally successful Dinky Bomb, Voodoo Magic and Oddballs Bowling now at http://www.weplayhere.com.

And then get to know the people who play them at http://www.gamerparty.com.

About GamerParty Limited

GamerParty Limited was formed to develop online multiplayer games and become a resource for general gaming fans. GamerParty Limited is based in the North East of England and has members from all over the globe.

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Gregg Baker

GamerParty Limited


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