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Popfly Game Creator

Simple online game creator for "ordinary people" demoed at PAX.

You don’t need super powers to create your own super heroes.

REDMOND, Wash. – Aug 28, 2008 – Today, Microsoft announced the beta release of the Popfly Game Creator ( ), which will be demonstrated this weekend at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, Washington. Popfly makes game creation easy and accessible for anyone who can use a computer – not just game developers. Whether starting from a pre-built template or creating a game from scratch, with just a few clicks you can select your own game actors, create scenes, and define the behaviors that bring your game to life. The Popfly Game Creator brings the rising wave of user generated content to gaming. You can watch a brief video demo of Popfly Game Creator on MSN ( ) to learn what’s new in the beta release.

Based on customer feedback, several new features have been added that enable people to participate more fully in the Popfly community. Features like high score tracking, accomplishment badges, and Facebook integration make it easy for users to create and share their own games, and play and modify other people’s games. Anyone can join in on the fun by adding new friends and becoming a fan of a favorite game.

Game enthusiasts of all stripes have created a wide variety of games since the initial release. While these projects span multiple genres, range in complexity, and vary in difficulty, they are all extraordinary games created by ordinary people. Read more about amazing games below.

Games We Love:

Chicken Long Jump

Description: Strike the left and right arrow keys rapidly to generate momentum for the jump. Leap forward to victory, mighty robot chicken!

Author: Pong

Plays: 2,224 Fan Score: 34

Battle Tank

Description: Try this multiplayer game to see if you can shoot down the other tank before it hits you. Use the keyboard to position your tanks and fire up to three shots at your opponent.

Author: Aquaseal

Plays: 3,158 Fan Score: 21

Description: Made for the New Zealand kids TV show 'What Now', this game features Red the Mailbot as he tackles a broken mail machine. Catch the letters and avoid the boxes to reach the goal of 2000 points.

Author: Invervegas

Plays: 7,486 Fan Score: 12

• Check out some of the new features in the beta here:

• Create your own game today at!

• If you will be attending the Penny Arcade Expo, please stop by the Microsoft Xbox booth for a demo of Popfly Game Creator.

For additional information, please contact Elise Peterson at

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