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Popcorn Arcade signing

Data Design Interactive's got Britain's got Talent's Connie Talbot.

Popcorn Arcade

August 2008, Stourbridge, England. Data Design Interactive - a successful video games publisher and games developer, are pleased to announce they have signed Connie Talbot the singing sensation who came to fame from the massively popular UK based talent show ‘Britain’s got Talent.’

Now she is to appear in her very own console game, which will feature 15 fantastic tracks from her best selling debut album Over the Rainbow, including stunning renditions of John Lennon’s “Imagine”, “Any Dream Will Do”, “What a Wonderful World” and Bob Marley’s reggae classic “Three Little Birds”. In the game, the player will be able to sing along with Connie in the fantastic karaoke mode, or with other friends or family members in multiplayer fun.

2007 The public first met Connie, when she came 2nd in the show, since then Connie’s popularity grow - and not only in the UK…with the new version of her debut album ‘Over The Rainbow’ going gold in four countries and straight into the top spot in a number of Asian charts, European tours underway, and a US deal under her belt, Connie is taking the world by storm! Connie takes everything in her stride. She has already claimed 2 UK records, according to the Guinness Book of Records, for the youngest artist ever in the charts, and the youngest to receive a Gold disc.

Data Design Interactive is part of Green Solutions Ltd (GSL) which manages the production of interactive products for the entertainment industry. From game design, development and publishing on PC and Console. GSL owns the popular MYTH MAKERS and KIDZ SPORTS brands and the publishing rights to the GODS development system. We control a number of studios which specialize in key areas. Data Design Interactive develops and publishes, and is a licensed publisher for Sony Playstation, Nintendo and Microsoft, Artworld Studios for computer animation and Advergaming is the market leader for in game advertising and custom games. Popcorn Arcade is the brand name for our family friendly, value priced Wii range.

TV Performances

Britain’s got Talent

Children in Need


This Morning (ITV)



Five News

BBC News 24


Press features

The Guardian

The Daily Mail

Daily Express

The Sun

The Star

Sunday People


Music Week







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The Connie Talbot Timeline


9th June 2007 – talent show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ premieres on ITV.

17th June 2007 – Connie performs at the grand final of ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ only coming second to classically trained opera singer, Paul Potts. 14 million UK viewers tuned in.

16th Nov 2007 Connie Talbot online store goes live with pre-orders of the album and limited edition signed copies.

16th Nov 2007 Connie performed at Children of Need.

18th Nov 2007 Connie switches on the Christmas Lights in Lancaster.

22nd Nov 2007 Connie performs a song from her forthcoming album and switches on the Christmas lights in her local city of Walsall. Broadcasted on ITV Central news.

24th Nov 2007 Connie switches on the Christmas lights in Halifax.

26th Nov 2007 Connie releases her first album ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’ By 11am the CD had sold out all over the UK!

Performances and interviews on GMTV and Tootaniks.

Photo shoot & CD signing at HMV in Oxford Street

27th Nov 2007 Photo shoot in HMV Walsall.

30th Nov 2007 Connie interviewed live on BBC Newsround.

Dec 2007 Connie’s debut album goes GOLD in the UK!

11th Dec 2007 Connie performs on This Morning ITV and is presented with her Gold Disc.


3rd Jan 2008 Debut album climbs to no. 7 in the Hong Kong charts.

Feb 2008 Connie goes back into the studio to record three new songs for the new version of her album ‘Over the Rainbow’.

March 2008 – Connie and her family travel to Jamaica during the Easter Holidays to film the sun-dappled video for her single ‘Three Little Birds.’

21st April 2008 –4th May 2008 Connie goes on a promotional tour of Asia, and the new version of her album is released in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea.

21st April – 25th April Promo in Seoul, South Korea: SBS TV News interview / KBS TV News interview / SBS TV Star King / Arirang TV, Heart to Heart / MBC FM Recording, Good Morning by Lee Moonse.

25th April – 28th April Promo in Taipei, Taiwan: Live Radio interview for ICRT, the only English speaking radio station in Taiwan / Interview with DJ Joseph, the most popular host in ICRT / Live Radio interview for BCC Radio, the Zoe show. One of the most popular radio entertainments talk shows, with BCC being the biggest national radio network in Taiwan / One Million Star TV Show on CTV, a national TV station in Taiwan. This popular TV audition show is also extremely popular in China. Connie was the show’s special guest.

28th April – 30th April Promo in Singapore: Live Radio interview and Acapella Performance with Vernetta Lopez / Interview and performance on a themed Mother’s Day program, a very popular show in Singapore / Primetime Morning Interview and performance.

30th April – 4th May Promo in Hong Kong: Live Showcase & press conference with MC Phoebus Chan. Over The Rainbow, You Raise Me Up, I Will Always Love You / Interviews & photo opportunities with Ming Po Newspaper, HK Economic Journal, Apple Daily, I-Cable TV, Oriental Daily, Headlines, and Young Post / Live Interview with RTHK Radio 3, DJ Andrew Debina / Live Interview RTHK Radio 2 , with DJ Alex / Live TV Show TVB Jade – JSG Seasonal Award Show. This is a quarterly awards show, featuring all the top local stars, and has been the top music TV show for 3 months.

The earliest adopter in Asia was a small label in Hong Kong, who achieved a number 3 chart position in the combined international and domestic charts. This stellar early success prompted licensing deals with other Asian markets, in which the success was replicated in the achievement of a No. 1 album and Gold disc awards in each market released in so far.

In turn this has led to competing bids from two Japanese labels, which hope to close by the end of June.

30th May 2008 Connie performs ‘Three Little Birds,’ and is interviewed with Amanda Holden on GMTV.

She also carries out an interview with Five News.

9th June 2008 Single ‘Three Little Birds’ (‘B’ side ‘You Raise Me Up’ is released in the UK, and goes to No. 3 in the Independent Singles Chart, published in Music Week.

12th June 2008 The Mirror online runs a 5-day video exclusive of the video for ‘Three Little Birds.’

16th June 2008 Connie is interviewed and sings ‘Three Little Birds’ a cappella on BBC News 24.

30th June 2008 2008 version of ‘Over The Rainbow’ released in the UK

16th July 2008 Connie was invited to, and performed at, the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund (UK) Annual Gala Dinner.

4th August 2008 Connie spends a week in Wednesbury, West Midlands shooting for her very own Ninetendo Wii game ‘Wii – Sing along with Connie’ (working title). To be released Spring 2009.

11th August 2008 Connie auditions for a Disney children’s programme in London.

12th August 2008 Connie is interviewed at Nickelodeon, to air 15th August 2008.

14th August 2008 Platinum Award Ceremony, London. Connie will be presented with a Platinum disc for her album sales in South Korea.

September 2008 Connie has been invited to appear on a Japanese TV Show. TBC.

October 2008 Connie plans to travel to America for the first time, to promote the release of the 2008 Over the Rainbow album in the US. Possible TVs include Ellen and Jay Leno (date tbc), Martha Stuart (date tbc).

December 2008 Connie is appearing in December on the German TV programme ‘Heart of a Child’ (equivalent to Children in need in the UK).

The world wide web

Connie Talbot is one of the new breed of artists able to take full advantage of the broad range of opportunities created by grassroots networking on the internet. Our research tells us that the vast majority of her clip viewings are prompted via fan referrals.

The penetration of her brand moves at an amazing pace, often with over 200,000 new youtube clip viewings per day. She recently broke through the 40,000,000 viewings mark on youtube alone, and rose to number 28 in the world rankings of all clips, including music, comedy and domestic categories.


Youtube links

• Connie sings at the final of Britain’s Got Talent.

• This Morning – hosts, Philip Schofield and Fearne Britton, present Connie with a Gold Disc for her album ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow.’


• Hong Kong TV Show

Future plans

Connie will be recording a Christmas album during her Summer holidays, which will be released in the UK and Asia in November. She will also be visiting the USA for the first time, following the secured deal with Kuys Ent.

There are also plans to shoot a musical DVD by mid-September, subject to other developments.

A Christmas Central ITV special about Connie has been confirmed, and we are awaiting confirmation as to whether this will run nationally as well.

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