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Beat Therapy's soundtrack now available, released as the album "Remote Control".


Brisbane, Australia – August 14, 2009 – Recorded and mastered directly from the Nintendo Wii hardware, Remote Control is first album of its kind! As the soundtrack to the bubble-popping bonanza that is the videogame Pop, these 16 chilled tracks explore various subtle aquatic, underwater and, well, bubbly moods – which are generally uplifting, reflective and relaxing.

The album is available as of today in the iTunes store, accessible via

The original soundtrack brief in 2006 called for 16 tracks spanning 4 broad moods, to suit the gameplay. Taking inspiration from animated bubble popping, changing background colours, and four simple keywords: 'Chillout', 'Upbeat', 'Melancholy' and 'Anthemic' - as per the production brief, Remote Control stands on its own as a chillout album with a difference.

Working with a strictly limited sound palette of less than ten megabytes, the production style is sometimes stark and exposed when compared to tracks on your typical chillout compilation. This gives the tracks a feeling of naive innocence on occasion, like a nightclub scene drawn with crayons.

The debut album is from Australian production outfit Beat Therapy, whose Brisbane based composer Andrew Curnock says of the sountrack:

"I'm used to working within tight memory budgets and the limits that come with that... in fact I enjoy it, you can have too many choices in front of you otherwise."

"I've written soundtracks that have had to fit inside one megabyte- that's like an album on a floppy disk- for some Gameboy Advance and DS projects... though obviously the Wii sounds a lot better, which is why we planned this soundtrack as an album from the start of the project."

Beat Therapy is an independent outfit, and the album Remote Control, is available worldwide through iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.


Should you have any questions or comments please contact:

Andrew Curnock, Beat Therapy:

phone : +61 (0) 408 184 991

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