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Poor quality games are killing the mobile market - EA Mobile

Mobile studios exec talks consumer awareness

The mobile gaming market is being damaged by a plethora of poor quality games which serve only to dissuade consumers from making future purchases,according to EA's executive producer of mobile studios, Travis Boatman.

In part two of our exclusive interview, he explains why improving the quality of mobile games is essential for the growth of the market - as is the promotion of consumer awareness via demos, trials, or at the very least, screenshots.

"If you're just blindly buying games and you look on the carrier's deck and you say 'I'm going to give this game a try,' but you have no idea of the quality and there are no screenshots or images, and you buy it and it's a bad game, you're going to say,'You know what, I'm not going to buy another mobile game.' Consumers are not going to come back," he stated.

Boatman believes that taking a different approach to different markets and knowing what that audience will look for in their mobile entertainment products is also key to success in the wireless space.

"You definitely have to approach the mobile markets in a different way. Not only from a platform and technology perspective, but also from a demand perspective."

For further insight into EA's understanding of the mobile space and the company's plans to revolutionise the consumer purchasing experience, check out part one and part two of our exclusive interview with Boatman.

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