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Pigeon-plopping Xbox Indie game arrives next month.

Munich, Germany – December 16, 2010 – Wolpertinger Games will release its newest creation, Poopocalypse, to the Xbox® LIVE Indie Games marketplace in January 2011. In this twin-stick poop’em up you will control a fat, vengeful pigeon going on a pooping spree all around the world. Soar through the air, evade enemies and obstacles and bury your targets in a warm, squishy pile of poo.

The release announcement comes with an exclusive sneak-peek at Poopocalypse’s gameplay in this HD Gameplay Teaser Trailer. “The game is currently in Beta”, says Sebastian Bender, head of Wolpertinger Games. “We will just add the last bit of polish! As an upcoming indie team, we are pretty excited to release Poopocalypse as our second game, along with Quizocalypse, to the Xbox soon!”

Poopocalypse will feature a unique, comical silhouette graphical style, diverse challenges in more than 15 stages, online highscore boards, many different trophies and an original soundtrack. Pigeon poop has never been this fun to play with! Best of all, it’s only 80 MSP – that’s ONE DOLLAR!

Unbelievable? No. It’s Poopocalypse – time to give a sh*t!

The game is still in development. The material provided may not fully represent the quality of the final product. For more information, check out the links below:

Official Wolpertinger Games Facebook Page:

Wolpertinger Games on Twitter:                 

Official Remote Control Productions site:   

Official Wolpertinger Games site (coming soon):      

For more information, interview requests and other inquiries, please write Sebastian,

Poopocalypse is being developed by Wolpertinger Games, an independent game developer, in cooperation with Remote Control Productions, an independent producer, both from Munich, Germany. The team already formed at university where they developed a game prototype, Phobos, for their final assignment. Phobos attracted attention to the team with:

·         a Gamesload Newcomer Award in 2009,

·         a nomination for the European Innovative Games Awards in the category “Advancement Price GD – Innovative Game Design” in 2009

·         and a nomination for the German Computer Games Prize as “Best Student Concept” in 2010.

With Quizocalypse, Wolpertinger Games released its first commercial title to the Xbox® LIVE Indie Games marketplace using Microsoft’s® XNA™ Game Studio. Poopocalypse will be the second game released by the team.  

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