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Pool Players Hustle Their Way Around The World

London, UK & San Francisco, CA, 14th November 2005: - I-play, the mobile games company, today announced the launch of 3D Pool Urban Hustle, the sequel to the critically acclaimed and commercially successful 3D Pool. According to Mobile Choice magazine, "3D Pool Urban Hustle is the best mobile representation of pool we've seen". 3D Pool Urban Hustle is now available across an extensive range of handsets to consumers via network operators and portals across North America and Europe.

To be a true hustler you've got to take your game overseas. Players can take their game to nine street-wise characters in three exciting global locations: London, New York and LA. Play by local pool hall rules or break 'em, with local games including U.K. 8-Ball, U.S. 8-Ball and U.S. 9-Ball. The objective is to out-play and out-bet all opponents; working your way up the challenge ladder to prove beyond a doubt that you are the ultimate Urban Hustler.

Think you're up to the challenge of a trick shot? Then try one of the many that your opponents have in store and win the money that's on the table. Some of the shots might seem impossible, but are not beyond the reach of the sharpest players. In addition to insane trick shots, 3D Pool Urban Hustle features more dynamic camera angles than its predecessor, as well as an action replay mode to really rub your opponent's nose in it after a particularly spectacular shot. And if you get in a tight spot, optional on-screen hints are there to help you out.

Available in both the original's ground-breaking simulated 3D for low-end handsets and true JSR 184 3D for the latest mobile phones, 3D Pool Urban Hustle has been developed by Distinctive Developments, creators of the original 3D Pool and is being published worldwide via I-play's distribution network of over 100 operator partners. The game has already been met with rave reviews:

"3D Pool Urban Hustle's Single Player mode adds a new dimension to an already solid game. It gives it more meaning when playing on your own. Those who haven't tried 3D Pool yet now have a reason to do so and for those who played the original, it's probably time you upgraded to a fresh experience."

4/5 Wireless Gaming World

"The action is fast and slick and provides the best mobile representation of pool we have seen."

9/10 in Mobile Choice

"One of the brilliant things about 3D Pool Urban Hustle is that it really is a game that you can pick up and play and become completely addicted to it. Working out the right angles to make the perfect shot or to win at trick shot is fantastic and gives you a great sense of overall smugness."

9/10 Thumb Bandits

Paul Maglione, I-play's Senior VP of Publishing and Marketing, commented: "Together with Distinctive Developments, we were first to market with the first-ever mobile pool game to deliver 3D action across a wide range of handsets, and this sequel is quite simply the best and most playable mobile pool game available today. Original IP will feature more heavily in our product line-up for 2006, and quality franchises like 3D Pool will be major components of this strategy."

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